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Experience the enchanting world of perfumes at Ahmed Al Maghribi in Qatar. With a wide range of exquisite scents, we offer a unique collection that will captivate your senses. Our perfumes are crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring a long-lasting and unforgettable fragrance experience. As one of the leading perfume brands in Qatar, Ahmed Al Maghribi is known for its exceptional quality and attention to detail. Our perfumes are meticulously created, combining traditional Arabian scents.

Best Selling


Bakhoor Ahmed (40 Tabs)

110 QR
Bakhoor Bushra (Box)

75 QR
Bidun Esam 12Ml

50 QR
Ghali 15Ml

152 QR
Mubakhar 3Ml

85 QR
Little Heart Gift Set

85 QR
Bidun Esam Gift Set (Bidun Esam 50Ml ,Bidun Esam 12Ml ,Bidun Esam Gel)

135 QR
Mtr Maliki In 3Tl (New)

205 QR
Oud Mtr Khususi 58G Box - New

165 QR
Bidun Esam 50Ml

68 QR
Little Hearts 50Ml

62 QR
Musk & Roses 50Ml

125 QR
Shaikha Hind 50Ml

195 QR
Touch Oudh 75Ml

125 QR
Haam 100Mle

75 QR
Ain 75Ml

165 QR
Oud & Roses 60Ml

160 QR
Cherry 50Ml (New)

68 QR
Musk Ahmed 50Ml (New)

68 QR