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Experience the enchanting world of Ambix Perfume and indulge your senses in captivating scents that leave a lasting impression. As a leading fragrance brand, Ambix Perfume offers a wide range of exquisite perfumes crafted with precision and passion. Our unique collection of fragrances is carefully curated to suit every personality and occasion. Discover the art of sophisticated fragrance with Ambix Perfume. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing blend of top-quality ingredients meticulously selected.

Best Selling


Timeless Scent

Saffron • Oud • Patchouly

750 QR
Noble Wood

Noble Oud For Those Who Love The Scent Of Oud, We Find Nobel Oud Perfume: It Is A Mixture Between Pure Oud, Amber, And Sandalwood.

850 QR
Pure Fusion

Pure Fusion For Lovers Of Summer Scents, We Find This Fragrance For You, Which Is A Mixture Of Pineapple, Patchouli And Sandalwood.

680 QR

Made From The Finest Type Of Oud.

1,400 QR
Night Illusion

Night Illusion Is The Distinctive Evening Fragrance, Which Is A Distinctive Mixture Of Patchouli, Amber And Saffron, And What Distinguishes The Fragrance Is The Presence Of Turkish Roses And Leather In The Mixture And It Is Considered One Of The Best Sellers In Ampex Perfumes.

680 QR

For Those Who Love Distinction, The Scent Of Gravity Is A Distinctive Mixture Of Oud, Amber, Saffron, And Patchouli.

680 QR
Big Box 2

Vip Wood Box With 2 Tola Hindi Zora Oud & 2 Perfumes

1,780 QR
Small Box 2

Vip Wood Box With 2 Tola Hindi Zora Oud & 1 Perfume

1,390 QR
Box For 7 Perfumes

(Gravity, Noble Wood, Pure Fusion, 2 Night Illusion, 2 Timeless Scent)

4,760 QR