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Therapeutic Hemp Oil Bath 50 Ml With Oud 50Ml

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Led Light Therapy Mask|7-Color Photon Led Skin Toning Device

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Instense Hemps Repair Mask With Oud 100Ml

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Natural Amethyst RollerAnti-Aging Slimming Face Massage Tool

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Natural Moroccan Cannabis Oil 10Ml

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Blackhead Remover Pore VacuumUpgraded Facial Pore Cleaner,Electric Acne Comedone Whitehead ExtractorTool-5 Suction Power,5 Probes,Usb RechargeableBlackhead Vacuum Kit For Women & Men


100 % Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil 30 Ml (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

The prickly pear fruit are the source of an exotic natural oil, incredibly rich in nutrients, considered as natural extraodinary anti-aging power, featuring the highest amount of unsaturated fats, 88% fatty acid, Linoleic Acid, omega 6, 9, Tocopherols. We pride ourselves in Arganity on offering the finest prickly pear oil, we press 1,000 kilograms of prickly pear fruit to extract only one litter only , Record the highst concentration of vitamin E and many powerful antioxidants to threat major skin condition and protect it against free radicals, fine lines and wrinkles.- This Powerful antiaging therapy is Categorized in 2022 as an alternative of natural fillers and Botox - Prevents premature aging and wrinkle formation -Brightens dark spots and under-eye shadows -Fights stretch marks -Treats scars and dark circles spots. -Fights fine lines and wrinkles -Protects the skin from external aggression -Reduces the appearance of acnes Free from parabens, preservatives, fragrances, additives, and colorants Free from parabens, preservatives, fragrances, additives, and colorants

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Anti-Aging Eye Roll’On 10 Ml (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Anti-Aging therapy sourced from pure organic prickly pear oil specially designed with a cold roll-on to provide an additional cooling effect to the under the eyes area, ultra -efficient formula stimulate microcirculation to deflate eye bags and puffiness, this mythic care naturally fights dark circles, fine lines, strengths thesupport fibres firming and plumping the skin for a fast bright from the first use

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Distilled Orange Blossom Water 100 Ml (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Our double effect tonner with refreshing and hydrating action 100 organic distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree that grows in the Mediterranean region. It has an attractive aroma. It is used as an alcohol-free perfume, especially in summer. A wonderful toner for oily skin, removes impurities, soothes skin pain, gives a sense of comfort and tranquillity, and speeds up the healing process of wounds..

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Walk In The Forest Soy Wax Candle (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Walk in the Forest is inspired by refreshing morning walks through the woods, it’s a balsamic candle with a eucalyptus and forest-like scent. Zero Waste Arganity candles are hand poured using vegan, biodegradable soy wax, FSC certified wooden wicks and scented using exclusively their own blends of essential oils.

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Sunset Citronella Soy Wax Candle (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Citrus sunset is an uplifting and beautifully fresh scent, perfect for summer evenings. Citrus sunset contains citronella which naturally keeps flies and other unwanted insects at bay. Citronella essential oil is a brilliant natural, non-harmful repellent that still smells wonderful and refreshing.Autumn Bonfire is inspired by warming, cosy nights in front of the fire, it’s a spicy and cosy candle with a sweet and woody cinnamon scent. Zero Waste Path’s candles are hand poured in their small workshop using vegan, biodegradable soy wax, FSC certified wooden wicks and scented using exclusively their own blends of essential oils.

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Wild Earth Soy Wax Candle (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Wild Earth candle that captures the vast array of flora and fauna. Hand made using only natural organic essential oils and vegan soy wax, blended with fresh bursts of lime coupled with grounding notes of basil essential oils a truly unique scent. This scent radiates around the room filling it with a raw, crisp notes; allow it to uplift your mind and body and become at one with the earth. Available: Bergamot &cedar -sandalwood oil

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100 % Organic Argan Oil 100 Ml

Argan oil is an age-old beauty secret considered in Amazigh culture as a complete hair food. In Arganity lab, we offer the purest argan oil from selected and handpicked seeds, not chewed from goats to guarantee you the quality of seeds therefore the oil. This miraculous oil is very rich in tocopherol (vitamin E), essential fatty acids and antioxidants whether you suffer from dandruff, hair loss or a dry scalp, phenolic compounds combined with antioxidants not only strengthen hair follicles and boost cell production in the scalp, but to ensure the formation of new, thicker, healthier hair strands. Furthermore, Arginine acid coats the hair and works to strengthen blood vessels, this action improve blood flow to the scalp and promoting hair growth and protecting your hair from the factors that cause hair follicle weakness. The power of argan oil naturally help to increase hair’s elasticity and consistently restore shine to dull, lifeless hair” neutralizes hair damage from free radicals and other elements thank to Vitamin E—which argan oil is high in— keep your follicles free from damage all while helping to prevent splitting and breakage in addition to promotes shine, smoothness and definition. These potential benefits Save hair from mechanical stress as the composition of argan keep your it healthy, even with hair styling and using the hair dryer and curling iron.

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Enerrgizing Therapeutic Oils Bath 250 Ml

Step 1: A therapeutic oil bath mix of argan oil, essential oils, sesame, almond and castor oil contains antioxidants that support keratin in the hair and hide damage and breakage. Specially designed with high nutritional value hair with anti-inflammatory properties of the scalp. A supplement to the damaged hair repair system from Arganity, smooth and increase hair shine.

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Therapeutic Hydrating Shampoo Argan Oil And Plant Extract 250 Ml

Step 2: A natural therapeutic shampoo enriched with organic argan oil, extremely rich in tocopherols (Vitamin E), essential fatty acids and antioxidants that hydrate and nourish the hair repairs damaged hair to maintain its natural moisture balance protect the hair cuticle from dryness free of harmful substances, safe for daily use, as it is free of silicone, sulfates, parabens and colorants. Instead of chemicals, Arganity natural shampoo use plant extracts, essential oils argan oils and other natural ingredients to clean hair and improve everything

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Shine Booster Hair Mask 160 Ml Shine Booster Hair Mask

Step 3: deep hair treatment contains precious nourishing oils Enrichedwith Organic Argan Oil Vitamin E, fatty acids and pure coconut oil extracts. That restores and limits hair breakage resulting from excessive use of blow dryers, curlers and protein. It restores vitality and fights damage caused strands due to environmental factors and heat styling tools. It forms a moisturizing cover for the hair from the depths, making your hair soft and shiny. Tangle free and manageable. Deeply moisturizes the scalp .

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Moroccan Clay 7 Essential Herbs 200 Grams Healing Botanical Scalp Detox

Step 4: Known as mud or *GHASSOUL*, it is a natural mineral remedy that has been used for centuries in as therapeutic remedy considered as scalp detox, rich in silica, potassium, manganese and phosphorous, alumina, iron, oxides for demineralizing and conditioning dry hair in addition, stimulates hair growth, gently exfoliate the scalp cleanse follicles. Our Bentonite clay’s fertile with wild mountain plant, drawing properties provides a high mineral value while the other herbs, clove, lavender, rosemary and roses petals remove impurities and buildup clogged pores in the scalp from chemical straightening, chemical protein treatments, curls, shades and high temperature. If you are looking for natural silky hair Arganity Scalp Detox is the key secret .

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Organic Argan 50Ml

A man’s skin differs from a woman in composition and characteristics. Therefore, in Arganity laboratories, we have developed a special facial care particularly suitable for men’s skin, which tends to be more oily than women’s , our precious oil acts as a sebum regulator and is non-comedogenic, it moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores includes all the benefits of natural argan oil, deodorized a Lightweight formula in order to penetrate deeply the skin layer, its high concentration of moisturizing and beneficial molecules, arginine, Oleic and Linoleic Acids plays a healthy skin barrier while amino acids such as Omega 3,6,9 wrinkles while increasing collagen production. The abundance of Vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant, improves water retention in the skin, which leads to re-hydration and increases elasticity, reduce dark spots and blemishes preventing hyperpigmentation and burns. The antibacterial properties of argan oil help treat acne It has an immediate effect to relieve irritation after shaving and irritation caused from hair growth under the skin Balance, refresh and target shine.

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Grooming Growth SerumArgan ,Prickly Pear ,Shea 50 Ml

When it comes to the best oils for beard and mustache care, Argan Oil Extra Growth Serum is often cited as the best. Boost Your Beard Confidence with our Blend of Argan, shea and prickly pear oil Advanced Serum with natural active beard growth stimulating ingredients, giving the non-activated beard follicles an extra stimulus to grow soothes the skin and activates the beard follicles. It is an antioxidant for the hair. It also revitalizes and germinates the follicles from the roots. It prevents dryness and dandruff after shaving. In addition to the natural shine and color intensification it’s natural dry touch formula, does not clog the pores and does not leave your face and beard greasy at all. shea extract spoils your beard with a deep softening treatment that restores moisture and makes your beard feel healthy while Our Beard Boost Serum uses the power of arginine to stimulates the hair follicles all the way down to the root, act as natural fertilizer. that unruly beard by relieving the skin underneath from dryness and itch. Unlock the goodness of Burdock Root for a comfortable skin and softer beard. After all, BEARDCARE STARTS WITH SKINCARE. Benefit • Relieves the skin underneath the beard from itch. • Softens the skin and tames unruly beard. • Reduces itchiness and roughness of beard • Gives a soft and smooth beard • Helps you get a well-groomed beard

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Hydro-Plumping Day Cream 50 G

To complete Men’s Ultimate Care Program, we develop ultra-face cream enriched with arginine acid, extracted from argan oil. strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier and provides 24-hour hydration for softer, smoother skin. with SPF 30 protection system. Argan Day Cream work as an eliminator with an intense hydration to repair damaged skin acts as a sunscreen, protecting against pigmentation caused by rays and stimulating the production of elastin and collagen to maintain glowing skin.

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Amino Acid Hair Oil 100 Ml

100 Organic deodorized argan oil We combine all the benefits of raw organic argan oil in deodorized formula lightweight and absorbs instantly to keep up with a man’s lifestyle It has a structure of non-greasy particles Ensures hair follicles are reshaped and manageable as well as nourished and smooth. Arginine strengthens blood vessels this improv blood flow to the scalp and promote hair growth by protecting Men’s hair from factors that cause hair follicle weakness. These nutrients effectively penetrate the pores of your scalp to nourish your hair strands inside and out and keep it strong, shiny and healthy. Benefit: Get naturally shiny and glowing hair. Keep hair moisturized all day long and prevent frizz, dryness and split ends. Enjoy good scalp health and reduce the risk of dandruff. Keep hair protected against harmful environmental factors. Prevent product build up in the hair and scalp and reduce/eliminate the risk of hair loss. Restore hair health by reversing the damage brought about by the frequent use of commercial hair care products (e.g. shampoo, conditioner).

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Votive Herbal Garden Wax

Spread herbal Atlas breeze with our vegan soy wax scented wax slice melted with A fruity blend of geranium fragrance oil , cinnamon ,jasmine, and Mid notes of orange zest. Topped with dried lily flower stems, sprinkled with cinnamon buds, orange chips to brighten the design, and to get a super combination fruity slice. It is equipped with a hanging thread suitable for, dressing rooms, clothes drawer Bathroom, salon, and cars. It is environmentally friendly, it decomposes in a safe way in the air .

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Summer Breeze Ice-Cream Light

Zingy, Zesty and Fruity perfectly describes this 4-pack collection of soy wax ice cream lights that have been selected for us at Peace with the Wild. Enjoy the fresh scents of these delightful tealights all year long. Handmade and poured with love each ice cream light has one of the following aromas, Apple and Mint, Geranium and Orange, lavender and Lime and Peach and Papaya.

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Black Moon Men’S Soy Wax Candle Amber Forest & Bergamont

Refreshing Amber Forest immerses you in waves of uplifting tranquillity. The crisp subtle peppermint with undertones of floral, musk essential oils is stunning and perfect for lightening the mood. A lovely and unique scent that will calm and bring a sense of inner peace.

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Bath Bom -With Candle

Settle in for a good soak with an original Arganity Natural , exploding with essential oils and tons of fizzy fun. Whether you're after a relaxing, petal-laden floral soak or an invigorating multilayered explosion of color and scent, there's a handmade bath bomb perfect for every bathing experience. Bright colorful patterns are created bring good luck, happiness and positive energy into the house. Drop this golden bath bomb in the tub and sink into bright, sparkling waters. Listen as the popping candy snaps around you like fireworks and inhale the fragrant aroma of soft rose heady jasmine and soothing ylang ylang , once dissolved in water, release citric acid, which volatilizes and helps break up damaged layers of skin. Thanks to the aromatic butter, salt, oils and other natural substances. The oils in bathtub bombs tend to be deeply hydrating, so enjoying a bath of hydrating oils and Coconut milk powder will leave your skin feeling soft and aromatized relaxing mood. To take advantage of its natural benefits and reach the desired relaxation, soak the body in the tub for 30 minutes

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