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Experience the allure of Dot Beauty Salon Dafna, your premium destination for beauty, perfumes, and cosmetics in Qatar. With a mere click, indulge in our outstanding online delivery service through Snoonu. We're committed to bringing your favourite beauty essentials swiftly to your doorstep, sometimes in as little as an hour. Discover the Dot Beauty Salon Dafna difference today and prepare to be enamoured. Let Snoonu deliver the beauty you deserve.

Best Selling


Cinq Mondes Flowers Rain Tonic 100Ml

a protective anti-pollution radiance-boosting facial mist. Your ally against pollution because of its travel-size format and has perfect formula for instantly refreshed skin.

119 QR
Nailberry Rouge

A classic and praised bright red color that’s suitable for any season.

75 QR
Termix Professional Silver Hairdressing Mirror

enhances the reflected image without distorting it, allowing the final look to be observed in detail. -Supporting Handle -Size 22 cm wide x 36.2 cm long -Avaiable in Black color -Non-Slip Handle

140 QR
Cinq Mondes Eau De Bengalore 100Ml

Refreshing and relaxing aromatic spray for body, hair, and pillow with a warm Cardamom and Vanilla scent.

212 QR
Nailberry Fashionista

This warm creamy lilac is ideal for your autumn looks.

75 QR
Nailberry Black Berry

With our intense kohl polish, you can let go of any preconceived notions about black nail polish and embrace your darker side

75 QR
Cinq Mondes Sublime Body & Hair Oil 150Ml

Dry oil combining the virtues of Monoï, Noni and Coconut, restores suppleness and softness to skin and hair.

172 QR
Nailberry Teal We Meet Again

Lively and versatile, the plush, velvety shade of our bold blue-green color is a refreshing and radiant choice for fall-winter.

75 QR
Nailberry Stargazer

Halal, Breathable Metallic Iridescent Rose-Gold color

75 QR
Qiriness Cool Menthol Leg Patches

These patches combine the refreshing properties of a menthol gel with the sensation of microbubbles of air for an immediate and lasting lightness effec

40 QR
Nailberry 50 Shades

Our sheer grey-black is a slightly more subtle choice for those who aren’t quite looking for a deep black.

75 QR
Nailberry Smart Cookie

Definitely the party pink shade for going out and having fun!

75 QR
Nailberry Serenity

This polish is a combination of lavender and grey; it goes well with everything.

75 QR
Nailberry Extravagant

This shade, deep plum, perfectly matches the colors of summer.

75 QR
Nailberry Joyful

For more joyful moments wear our Joyful nail polish.

75 QR
Nailberry Moonlight

The deep velvet tones in this midnight blue are confident and timeless, evocative of a clear winter night sky.

75 QR
Nailberry Fuchsia In Love

Colour your nails healthy with our Brilliant Fuchsia-Pink.

75 QR
Nailberry Strengthen & Breath

A dual-action base coat and nail strengthener!

110 QR
Nailberry Raspberry

Red Fuchsia is a hot color trend in every season for a reason.

75 QR