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Discover the epitome of beauty bliss at Dot Beauty Salon Salwa. Our online storefront caters to all your beauty needs, delivering a range of premium products right to your doorstep. From luxurious perfumes to transformative cosmetics, we are your one-stop-shop for all things beauty in Qatar. Experience the convenience of fast delivery with Snoonu, getting your desired products in as little as 1 hour. Elevate your beauty game with Dot Beauty Salon Salwa.

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Perron Rigot Dble. Gommage Spi Pr 150Ml Remplace Vp13003

The Double Exfoliation Of Special Rooted Hair Cirépil Skincare By Perron Rigot, Based On Ingredients Of Natural Origin, Is Ideal For Cleansing And Exfoliating The Skin.

105 QR
Perron Rigot 24H Freshness Deodorant-Hair Minimizing 50Ml

This Deodorant Dries Quickly Leaving No Marks On Your Clothes And Has A 24-Hour Cooling Efficiency.

65 QR
Beox Kera Coffee Conditioner 300Ml

149 QR
Beox Kera Coffee Shampoo 300Ml

Shampoo Formulated With Coffee Extract, Essencial Oils And Proteins, Keeps Your Hair Deeply Hydrated And Shiny, With No Frizz.

140 QR
Beox Kera Coffee Mask 250Ml

Treatment mask developed with Coffee Extract and Essential Oils promotes instant reconstruction, nourishes and regenerates hair fiber, makes hair extremely glossy and hydrated.

186 QR
Beox Kera Prime 120Ml

Developed with several technologies in connection with the Cast Guard System, it gathers 17 benefits in a single product. An innovative and multi-purpose product that can revitalize, rejuvenate and correct hair imperfections. Besides providing 3-D shine, it makes hair soft and silky smooth.

160 QR
BEOX Royal Gold 24K Luminous Kit (490g)

296 QR
Beox 24K Luminous Mask 500G

Gel-based hair alignment system, composed of an exclusive and noble system of acids, proteins and oils, which realigns any type of hair leaving strands with natural balance, shine and extreme softness .

496 QR
Beox Moisturizing Shampoo Brazilian Curly 300Ml

Developed with exclusive active ingredients, Moisturizing Curly Shampoo provides smooth cleansing without damaging hair, thanks to the Jaborandi, Coconut Water, Ginger, Guaraná, Coffee and Pomegranate Extracts, which promote hair minerals, repair, as well as reduce frizz, making curls look smoother, silkier, and easier to manage.

149 QR
Beox Intense Mask Brazilian Curly 250G

Intensive treatment mask ideal for curly, wavy, and frizzy hair. Enriched with Coconut Oil, Jojoba, Myrrh, Olive, Cinnamon, Calamus and Jaborandi, Ginger, Guaraná, Coffee and Pomegranate Extracts. It has smoothing, hydrating, and nourishing properties that provide light weight, smooth, and shiny hair.

120 QR
Beox Extreme Cream Brazilian Curly 300Ml

Helps define curls while eliminating frizz. Leaves hair looking natural and healthy. Prepared with UV Filter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba, Myrrh, Calamus, Olive, Cinnamon, Jaborandi, Ginger, Guaraná, Coffee and Pomegranate Extracts, it works by hydrating, nourishing, moisturizing, and improving hair’s elasticity, resulting in smoother curls.

140 QR
Beox Perfect Spray Brazilian Curly 300Ml

Prepared with Coconut Water, Jaborandi, Ginger, Guaraná, Coffee and Pomegranate Extracts, it protects and gives new life to hair, controls frizz, and provides more defined curls. Works on dull, lifeless hair, restoring natural moisture loss.

140 QR
Beox Versaty Pro Everyday Shampoo 300Ml

Moisturizing Shampoo made with a complex of Marine Algae and Keratin, cleans the hair while treating the porous and lifeless wires. Formula without salt.

140 QR
Beox Versaty Pro Everyday Conditioner 300Ml

BEOX Everyday Conditioner – Formulated with Coconut Oil and Keratin takes care of damaged and chemically treated hair, leaving the hair soft and shiny.

120 QR
Beox Versaty Pro Everyday Mask 250G

BEOX Everyday Mask – Rich in keratin and coconut oil, it nourishes and repairs the hair fiber, leaving hair soft, shiny and silky.

140 QR
Beox 24K Glow On Oil 30Ml

Beox Glow On Gold Repair is a nourishing oil with a protective effect against environmental damage. Releases hair stings by leaving them extremely shiny and smooth for longer.

150 QR
Beox 24K Shampoo Luminous 250Ml

Beox 24K Shampoo is specially formulated to enhance hair’s shiny, silky luster and feel. Beox 24K Shampoo gently cleanses the hair leaving it soft and shiny. This product uses high-quality ingredients and is enriched with special oils that nourish, hydrate, and protect your hair from environmental damage.

140 QR
Patrice Mulato Repigmentant Strawberry Blonde Cream 200Ml

Repigmentant Shampooing Strawberry Blonde gives shine to colored hair. Brings golden and copper highlights to natural hair. With 92% of ingredients of natural origin based on pigments, fruit extracts, and neutral pH. This coloring shampoo is without ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, silicone, or paraben

107 QR
Patrice Mulato Repigmentant Cool Chestnut Brown Cream 200Ml

Cool Chestnut Brown treatment on natural hair brings icy brown highlights. This cream has no ammonia, no hydrogen peroxide, no silicone, no paraben, and no resorcinol.

150 QR