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Nighty 3D mink eyelash

This model eyelash is suitable for nighty occasions and weddings.

35 QR
Extra 3D mink Eyelashes

Extra volume and length for eyelashes

35 QR
Eye glamour 3D Mink Eyelashes

Suits all types of occasions and adds a special glamour to the eye.

30 QR
Fairy Tale Candle

This Candle Is 100% Soy Wax That Has A Strong Scented Candle That Gives You Feeling Of Relaxation And Joy.

60 QR
Red Onion and Blackseed oil Shampoo 300ml

Ingredient ; Tea tree oil, Ginger, Cruelty-Free, vegan, Keratin, Ginger extra, Red onion. Feature: Hair-Loss prevention, Refreshing, Anti- Dandruff, Nourishing, Anti-Itching, Hair Repairing, Fluffy, Smoothing, Moisturizing, Anti-Frizz, Thickening/Volumizing, hair growth shampoo, strong hair root, restore shine.

100 QR
Cat Eye Mink 3D Eyelashes

Natural 3D mink eyelashes used with glue or magnetic eyeliner

30 QR
Floral Bath Bomb

Floral Bath Bomb Makes You Imagine Yourself In The Middle Of A Garden. This Also Gives You Joy For Your Kids With The Safe Purple Colourent Of Water.

18 QR
Fruit Tea Bag

It is time to detox your body from toxins and rejuvenate your body. 4 random fruit bags in a box. use: place 1 fruit bag in 250 ml room temperature water for optimal taste. for hot drinks, heat fruit tea in the microwave or over the stove without fruits. for cold drinks, place the tea in the refrigerator

30 QR
Herbal Soap

Our 100% Natural Soap That Contains Henna That Purifies Your Skin And Ginger, Cloves And Cardamom That Help In Whitning Your Skin And Keep Its Elasticity.

20 QR
De-Glue for nails

Cleanse away nail adhesive residue effortlessly with our De-Glue for nails. A gentle yet solution for a flawless canvas.

20 QR
Yafa suger scrub

This surgery product exfoliates dead skin and gives you smooth feeling during bath

60 QR
Lavender soap

Lavender pie soap is natural soap made of coconut oil and pure olive oil, and glycerin that keeps your skin safe unlike commercial soap.

35 QR
Loaf Soap

Indulge in pure luxury with our Loaf Soaps. Crafted with care, these artisanal bars offer a sensorial experience for your skin. Pamper yourself with rich, nourishing lather and captivating scents.

35 QR
Paper Bed Rolls 60 cm Height

42 QR
Powder blush - Royal Pink

It is powder blush make up 5 g

45 QR
lip Gloss Base

lip gloss base from royal body treats is the best choice for beauty crafters . 56 grams

25 QR

35 QR
Rosemarry Hair Growth Spray

Ingredient: Tea tree oil, Herbal, Peppermint, Ginger, Cruelty-Free, Biotin, Castor oil, VB, Rosemary oil. Feature: Hair-Loss Prevention, Leave-in , Moisturizing, hair growth treatment, hair regrowth

60 QR
Maqdis Lotion

This lotion is chosen for your skin. It contains deoxidants that keeps your skin youthful. It is made of 100% olive oil scented with oud and rose to take you to jerasul.

40 QR