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Discover a world of captivating scents at Oudsyofy! We specialize in aryan, aziz, oud moroki, and Arabian oud perfumes in Qatar. Immerse yourself in a symphony of fragrances, carefully curated to restore and elevate your senses. Our exquisite collection guarantees reliability and effectiveness, ensuring a remarkable olfactory experience. Uncover the perfect scent that resonates with your unique personality.

Best Selling


Oud Duble Super Vietnam

3 Tolas -36 gram / Suitable for daily use

250 QR
Oud Moroki Mohsen 3 Tola (36G)

This oud is suitable for both general and personal use

150 QR
trad oud oil

dhn oil oud trad 1/4 thola

150 QR
dhn musk lusail

1/4thola musk lusail,consists of white musk and aromatic fruits

100 QR


dhn oud brathsheen

1/4 thola oud oil brathsheen

200 QR
Dhn Syofy Mixed

Musk syofy1/4 thola

150 QR
Oud Combodia Natural

1/4thola oud cambodia

100 QR
Royal Bakhoor 40gm

80 QR
Mersh blue 500ml

Pineapple, apricot, cranberry, basil, amber and caramel

80 QR
Marsh red 500ml

Rose and tropical fruits with patchouli oud

80 QR
Mersh yellow 500ml

Wood, musk, french frankincense and mandarin orange

80 QR
Marsh Pink 500ml

White musk

80 QR
Klakas Perfume 50ml

Damask rose, agarwood, almond, patchouli and a little musk

150 QR
Zora Perfume 50ml

Vanilla and patchouli with a little oud

150 QR
Assam Perfume 50ml

Tropical flowers, patchouli and oud

150 QR
Lazurde Perfume for Hair 30ml

Musk, tropical fruits and vanilla

70 QR