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Experience the enchanting world of Rival Perfume at Rival For Oud and Tayeb. Discover a collection that captures the essence of elegance and sophistication. As the exclusive retailer of Rival Perfume, we bring you a range of exquisite fragrances that will leave you mesmerized. Our unique offerings include the highly sought-after Rival Perfume collection, known for its exceptional quality and long-lasting scents. Each fragrance is carefully crafted using the finest ingredients.

Best Selling


Ceylni Oud Triple Super

Ceylon Natural Oud

800 QR
Cylani Oud Double Super

Celyon Natural Oud

600 QR
Cylani Oud Super Diqa

Celyon Natural Oud

500 QR
Filipino Oud

Excellent grade natural Philippine oud, characterized by a scent that combines Cambodian oud and Ceylon oud The size of the crumbs is medium and is suitable for gatherings and personal use

2,000 QR
Moroki Oud VIP

Natural Indonesian Moroccan oud, Asakon flavour It is characterized by its fragrant scent, high stability, and the density of the fat inside the oud crumbs Super triple quality The size of the crumbs is large It is used for gatherings and events

1,000 QR
Luxury Perfume And Bukhoor Box

The Perfume Box Contains: Three Different Luxury Perfumes With A Capacity Of 100 Ml Each, And Two Types Of Incense Sioufi " Tola Of Vietnamese Oud With Oil Oud Al-Fakhama "Tola Vietnamese Oud With Amber"

750 QR
Box of Perfumes and Bukhoor

VIP luxury box contains: Two of our company's best perfumes in a capacity of 100 ml Two bottles of oud and incense with Amber Two sprays of oud and incense with Oil Oud Quarter Tola of Oil Oud

650 QR
VIP Oud And Perfume Box

A luxurious leather box containing one of our best perfumes with a capacity of 100 ml, a quarter tola of oud oil, a bottle of Sioufi incense, and 5 tola of Vietnamese oud triple super.

650 QR
Scented Vietnamese Oud Sprinkle Distribution

150Ml Sprayer And Fragrant Vietnamese Oud Tola

50 QR
Distribution Of Musk And Vietnamese Oud

It Contains A Tola Of Vietnamese Oud With Musk Or Blue Oud.

50 QR
Story 1 Perfume

100 Ml

350 QR
A Distribution Of 4 Types Of Vietnamese Bukhoor

A Distribution Of 4 Types Of Vietnamese Incense Bent El Ezz: Vietnamese Oud With Musk And Patchouli Al Fakhama: Vietnamese Oud With Amber Sioufi: Vietnamese Oud With Dahn Al Oud Al-Sumou: Vietnamese Oud With French Perfumes

75 QR
Story 2 Perfume

100 Ml

350 QR
Story 3 Perfume

Story 3 Perfume, 100 Ml

350 QR
A Distribution Of Vietnamese Promises Perfume

Distribution of a special concentrated perfume of 10 ml with Vietnamese oud

50 QR
Blue Oud

Quarter tola of blue oud oil.

50 QR
Musk Collection Box

The Box Contains 7 Types Of Musk With Different Scents : 01 Hugo Boss And Saffron 02 Rose Of No Man'S Land 03 Candy 04 Rose Musk 05 Musk Purity 06 Pomegranate Musk 07 Gardenia Musk

200 QR
Vanilla Musk Spray


150 QR
Madawi Musk Spray

50 Ml

150 QR