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Welcome to Juba Electronics, your one-stop shop for all your car and home accessory needs. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality products and excellent customer service. With a wide range of electronics, including car audio systems, home theater equipment, and more, we have something for everyone. Whether you're looking to upgrade your car's sound system or enhance your home entertainment experience, Juba Electronics has you covered.

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Hicon Ice Maker

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Chair Sponge

170 QR
Windshield Roof For Car

85 QR
Toy Flash Card Kids Knowledge

100 QR
Yesido Tablet Stand

120 QR
Roll Storage Box 128 Pc's Tool

225 QR


Skg Neck Massager

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Lc Humidifier 5Ltr

225 QR
Medicine Reminder

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Dobe Batterypack For Ps5

The Portable Battery Pack Is Specially Designed For Playstation 5 Controller, More Convenient For Playing Time High Capacity Battery - Built-In 1600Mah Rechargeable Battery Pack Battery Provides Maximum Power For Your Ps5 Console. When You Charge The Game Controller, The Current Power Indicator Will Always Be On, And The Number Of Always-On Leds Represents The Remaining Battery Power In The Battery, Making It Easier For You To Know The Remaining Power. Short-Circuit And Over-Charging Protection

150 QR

135 QR
17-In-1 Multi-Use Screwdriver

If You Are Looking For A Multi-Functional Tool That Will Be Useful In Various Situations, The 17-In-1 Edc Is An Ideal Choice. This Tool Is Characterized By Its Ability To Perform A Variety Of Tasks In An Easy And Effective Manner. Advantages: 1. Variety Of Functions: The 17 In 1 Edc Includes Various Tools Such As Screwdriver, Wrench, Bottle Opener And Interchangeable Screwdriver Bits. 2. Interchangeable Screwdriver: The Tool Comes With A Set Of Interchangeable Screwdriver Bits, Allowing You To Use It For A Variety Of Screws. 3. Compact And Portable Design: With Its Small And Light Design, You Can Easily Carry The 17-In-1 Edc In Your Pocket Or Bag. 4. Durable And Sturdy: Made Of High Quality Materials That Make It Durable And Able To Withstand Heavy Use. 5. Useful In Daily Life: Whether You Are At Home Or Outdoors, This Tool Will Be Useful To Handle Many Tasks. 6. Stunning Design: With Its Attractive And Modern Design, The Edc 17 In 1 Will Also Be A Statement Piece Worthy Of Attention. Get The Versatile Edc 17 In 1 To Be Your Daily Partner In Completing Various Tasks Easily And Effectively

99 QR


Spa Massager

275 QR

247.5 QR
Car Seat Gap Filler

This sector has a hole in its middle, which allows you to pass wires or cables through it, making it convenient to use as a holder for electronic devices, mobile phone charger or other charging cables. The Car Seat Gap Filler is also a decorative accessory that adds an aesthetic touch to the car's interior. It is available in many different colors and designs to suit different user styles and tastes. Overall, this accessory improves the passenger experience and keeps the car seats clean and organized, as well as preventing objects from falling into the gap and liquids from leaking into the car's interior components.

100 QR
Electric Cooking Pot

This 700W Multicooker is a compact and versatile kitchen appliance that simplifies meal preparation. Its 1.5-liter capacity is ideal for small households or individual portions. With a variety of functions like steaming, boiling, frying, and slow cooking, it allows you to prepare a range of dishes. The non-stick pot makes cleaning up a breeze. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Rated power: 700W Diameter: 20 cm Capacity: 1.5L Rated frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz Voltage: 220V-240V Net weight: 1.14 kg

200 QR


C30 Video Calling Smart Wifi Camera

The C30 is a budget-friendly Wi-Fi camera with two-way video calling. It features a 2.8-inch built-in screen for viewing incoming calls and a dedicated button for easy video call initiation, perfect for checking on kids or elderly family. This camera offers 1080p resolution for clear visuals and night vision for low-light situations. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Resolution: 1920 x 1080P LED light: infrared Lens: 4mm Weight: 600g Power supply: 5V 2A Connectivity: Wifi 2.4G

350 QR

315 QR
Knee Massager

400 QR
Citrus Juicer

150 QR


Milk Bottle Temperature Maintain

Portable USB Bottle Warmer with Adjustable Temperature Display" sounds like an excellent choice for parents who need to warm baby formula while traveling. This heater is portable and convenient to use anywhere there is a USB port, such as cars, computers, and portable chargers. The main feature of this product is its ability to adjust the temperature in an adjustable manner between 5 different levels between 38 and 52 degrees Celsius. This gives parents the possibility to heat the milk in an ideal way to meet the baby's needs and preferences. It is also useful to have an LSD display to display the current temperature, as users can easily monitor the temperature and avoid heating the milk to an unsuitable temperature for the baby. This warmer is suitable for parents who travel a lot with their children and want to keep providing warm and comfortable meals for their children in an easy and safe way.

150 QR
Car organizer base - one piece

Are you looking for a practical and tidy solution to organize items inside your car? Here is the car organizer - the complete solution. This one piece offers you the perfect shave to get rid of the mess inside your car. Designed with great care, this base comes with multiple sections and pockets to store and organize cell phones, sunglasses, keys, small coins, emergency supplies, and much more. It is characterized by high quality materials and easy installation inside the car. Thanks to this organizer, you will never have to search for your things in the car again. Now you can access everything easily and organized. Make your driving experience more comfortable and safer with this car organizer - the complete solution.

195 QR