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Blood pressure and pulse measuring device

A blood pressure and pulse measuring device with a large, high-definition screen, easy measurement results, data reading, and live audio broadcast of measurement results Blood pressure, pulse, and arrhythmia can be measured at the same time made in china

350 QR
Razor Type (Dragon) With Its Accessories

Wireless Hair Clipper With A Battery Charge Indicator Screen And A Prominent Dragon Logo. Very High-Quality.

100 QR
4 Rechargeable Battery (AA)

4 Rechargeable AA Battery, Can Be Charged Multiple Times.

20 QR
Magnetic Charger Cable (3X1) Black Color

Charger For The Watch That Can Also Charge The Phone And Headphones, 3-In-1.

20 QR


Charger With Clock And Alarm (3 In 1)

Charger With A Clock And Alarm, With Wi-Fi Capability.

45 QR
Mobile Camera Zoom Lens (Black Bag)

Lens For The Phone'S Camera.

8 QR
Round Wireless Charger For The Office Table

Wireless Charger For The Desk.

20 QR


Capsule Power Bank For Iphone

Power Bank Charger For One-Time Use, Not Rechargeable, For Emergency Use For Outdoor Trips When Charging Is Unavailable. Charges Up To 30% Of The Battery For Emergencies.

15 QR


Roll Up Stand

A 60X165-Centimeter Aluminum-Reinforced Banner Stand With A Protective Carrying Bag.

40 QR