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VO-A350 volar Air Purifier with Humidifier

Features: 7-Stage Filtration Process: Pre-filter: to stop micro particles (e.g.: Animal hair, dust) 5 in 1 filtration level HEPA filter: Holds back PM10 and PM2.5 fine particles, dust mites and pollen) Activated Carbon filter: Blocks VOCs, odours, smoke Zeolite filter Photocatalyst layer UV lamp Negative Ions Fan speeds: 1- 4 speed (Low / Med / High / Super) Air Quality Monitoring with LED Indication: Green - Clean Air / Blue - Normal Air / Yellow - Moderately Polluted Air / Red - Highly Polluted Air 3 Modes: Auto / Manual / Night Mode Filter Replacement Alert Timer Function: 1h-12h Sensor: Humidity & Temperature Sensors / Dust Sensor / Touch Panel / PM2.5 Display sensor Humidifying purification UV Lamp to kill germs, bacteria and virus Silent Applicable area: Up to 50m2

750 QR

Air Filter for VOLAR Air Purifier with Humidifier VO-A350

250 QR
VO-CSC3-18K Split AC 1.5Ton

1.5Ton Wall Split type air conditioner / 5 Stars (12.17) 46.8% energy efficiency (New Stage 2) / 18588 BTU Cool only , 220V/50Hz, R410a / Gold Fin indoor & outdoor condenser / T3 condition rotary type compressor / Compressor can operate up to 60°C / 4D air flow (vertical-automatic & horizontal-automatic) / Self-Clean/Auto Clean / Turbo option / 100% Copper Indoor & Outdoor pipes (No Galvanic corrosion) / Dehumidifier / Intelligent Defrosting / Anti-Freeze / Auto Restart (overcurrent & overload protection) / ION Generation / Cold Plasma Filter (Healthy filter)

2,049 QR
Volar Ac Cleaning Service Charges - Floor Standing Ac ( For 2.0Ton - 4.0Ton )

Floor Standing AC Advance cleaning (pressurized water, special cleaning material, deep cleaning for filters and coils in the indoor unit and outdoor + gas checking).

200 QR
Volar Ac Cleaning Service Charges - Window Ac ( For 1.0 Ton - 2.0Ton )

Window AC Advance cleaning (pressurized water, special cleaning material, deep cleaning for filters and coils + gas checking).

150 QR