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Looking for a convenient 24-hour flower delivery service? Look no further than 24 Hour Flower! We specialize in providing beautiful floral arrangements and thoughtful gifts that can be delivered to your doorstep at any time of the day or night. With our quick and reliable service, you can surprise your loved ones with a stunning bouquet or a personalized gift, even during those late-night or last-minute occasions. Our team of skilled florists handcraft each arrangement with precision and care,

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Amanda’s Blooms – B12007

A simple bouquet of 10 red Mikado baby roses, 12 Ecuadorian roses and accentuated with a bundle of eucalyptus leaves. Prepared and covered with white semi-clear paper with maroon printed Korean paper. Note: Including acrylic stick

260 QR
Rosie Heart – B12003

The inner heart bouquet, ensemble of25 American red roses. Accentuated with steel grass contoured like a heart. Neatly bundled and tied, covered with plain white Korean paper. Elegant and chic, perfect for someone you want to brighten up their day.Note: Including acrylic stick

230 QR
Hugs And Blooms – B12002

This beauty is an ensemble of 12 red baby roses and accentuated harmoniously with Limonium. Neatly arranged in a hand tied bouquet covered with semi-clear and silver bordered Korean paper with red-maroon final wrap. Elegant and chic, perfect for someone you want to brighten up their day.Note: Including acrylic stick

230 QR
T12008 - Crimson Whisper

'Crimson Whisper' is an elegant Valentine's Day vase arrangement that features 25 velvety red roses accented by delicate limonium flowers. Each rose symbolizes a heartfelt sentiment, gracefully displayed in a clear glass vase, tied with a raffia bow – a classic tribute to enduring love.Note: Including acrylic stick

290 QR
T12007 - Scarlet Sphere

On Valentine's Day, 'Scarlet Sphere' captures the heart's passions with fifty red roses, each bloom a whisper of love. Nestled among the soft greenery of Parvifolia leaves, this arrangement sits within a glass bowl vase, reflecting the beauty of a love that surrounds you.Note: Including acrylic stick

460 QR
T12006 - Crimson Embrace

This Valentine's Day, indulge in the elegance of 'Crimson Embrace'. Fifteen lush red roses symbolize deep love, complemented by ten delicate baby white roses for purity. Wisps of eucalyptus add a touch of serenity, all encased in chic black wrapping, a true testament to enduring affection.Note: Including acrylic stick

240 QR
T12005 - Crimson Elegance

'Crimson Elegance,' a magnificent display of love. One hundred luxurious red roses bloom in elegant contrast of chic black wrapping, each petal unfolding with the promise of endless affection. This grand arrangement epitomizes romance, perfect for an unforgettable Valentine's Day gesture.Note: Including acrylic stick

770 QR
T12004 - Crimson Velvet

The 'Crimson Velvet' arrangement exudes timeless romance, featuring a lavish cluster of 50 red roses accented with natural moss grass. Presented in a sophisticated white round leather box, it's a testament to enduring passion, perfect for expressing heartfelt sentiments this Valentine's Day. Note: Including acrylic stick

480 QR
T12003 - Scarlet Embrace

'Scarlet Embrace' offers a grand gesture of love, with 50 radiant red roses nestled amidst lush ruscus leaves in an elegant metal basket. This opulent vase arrangement symbolizes a deep, passionate love, making it an unforgettable gift for your beloved this Valentine's Day. Note: Including acrylic stick

490 QR
T12002 - Crimson Couture

A stunning display of 75 deep red roses, expertly arranged in a sleek glass cylinder vase. The rich, velvety petals create a striking visual impact, while the transparent vessel adds a touch of modern sophistication. making it an exquisite gift for a special celebration or a declaration of love.Note: Including acrylic stick

580 QR
T12001 - Velvet Embrace

The 'Velvet Embrace' vase arrangement captures the essence of Valentine's Day romance. Twenty-five luxurious red roses, each a symbol of enduring passion, are elegantly displayed in a sleek ribbon ceramic vase, creating a statement of love that's both classic and contemporary.Note: Including acrylic stick

290 QR
Passionate Embrace - T1028

220 QR
Blushing Admiration - T1025

170 QR
Garangao Treats - T9603

Enjoy the festivities of Garangao with our scrumptious mix of candies, nuts, and chocolates, beautifully arranged in a rectangular bamboo basket. Perfect for sharing with friends and family during this special Qatari celebration.

160 QR
Golden Garangao Cage - T9602

Celebrate the Qatari festival of Garangao in style with our delightful mix of candies, nuts, and chocolates, arranged in a beautiful gold bird cage. This elegant centerpiece is sure to add a touch of glamour to your Garangao celebrations.

230 QR
Garangao Basket - T9601

Celebrate the traditional Qatari festival of Garangao with our delicious mix of candies, nuts, and chocolates, arranged in a beautiful bamboo cone basket. Perfect for sharing with friends and family during this special occasion.

130 QR
Garangao Delight - T9600

Indulge in our mouth-watering mix of candies, nuts and chocolates arranged in a beautiful paper box. Perfect for celebrating the traditional Qatari festival of Garangao.

170 QR
Sweet Serenity - T13017

Cherish Mom with Sweet Serenity, a delightful blend of 8 white roses, 8 pink baby roses, and 8 Ruscus stems. This charming bouquet is sure to make her day extra special.

240 QR
Enchanted Blossoms - T13016

Celebrate Mother's Day with Enchanted Blossoms, a charming arrangement of 3 white lilies, 10 pink roses, 4 Song of Jamaica, and 12 Ruscus stems. This exquisite bouquet will make Mom's day unforgettable.

280 QR