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Discover the enchanting world of Albidaa Flora, your ultimate destination for exquisite gifts, delectable confections, and stunning flower arrangements. Immerse yourself in the joy of special occasions and find comfort in every moment with our exceptional offerings. As the premier flower delivery service in Qatar, we bring you the freshest flower arrangements, ensuring each petal is a testament to beauty and elegance.

Best Selling


Fresh Mix Flower Ball In 30*30 Square Box

130 roses, 20 spray roses, 1 Phalaenopsis cut, 1 30*30 square box (AB111)

1,700 QR
Fresh Flowers 20*15 Pink Suede Box

1 pc 20*15 pink suede box (AB125), 35 pcs fresh roses, 2 stems gypsophila

420 QR
Heart Shaped Flowers

170 stems spray roses

2,250 QR
Fresh Roses Bouquet With Acrylic Square Gift Box

110 pcs fresh roses, Acrylic box with perfume 50ml

2,100 QR
Mix Of Fresh Flowers Hand Bouquet

350 QR
Bouquet Of 200 Roses

200 pcs fresh roses

2,050 QR
Fresh Flowers Hand Bouquet

20 stems Fresh roses, 15 stems Chrysanthemum

250 QR
Fresh Flowers Hand Bouquet

35 pcs fresh roses

310 QR
100 Pieces Fresh Roses Hand Bouquet

950 QR
Fresh Hand Bouquet

220 QR
Fresh Hand Bouquet

250 QR
Fresh Hand Bouquet

180 QR
Fresh Hand Bouquet

350 QR
Fresh Hand Bouquet

290 QR
Fresh Roses Hand Bouquet

225 QR
Mixed Flowers Bouquet

A bouquet of roses, mathiola, hypericum and carnation

450 QR
25 Rose Bouquet

A bouquet of 25 roses

220 QR
50 Rose Bouquet

A bouquet of 50 roses

340 QR

A bouquet of 50 tulips

625 QR