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Welcome to Baqah Flowers and Chocolates, your one-stop destination for exquisite floral arrangements and delectable chocolates in Baqah. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to quality, we take pride in providing unique and memorable gifts for every occasion. Our team of talented florists carefully handcrafts each arrangement, using only the freshest and most vibrant blooms. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any special moment, our stunning floral designs are sure

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Amanda’s Blooms – B12007

A simple bouquet of 10 red Mikado baby roses, 12 Ecuadorian roses and accentuated with a bundle of eucalyptus leaves. Prepared and covered with white semi-clear paper with maroon printed Korean paper. Note: Including acrylic stick

260 QR
Rosie Heart – B12003

The inner heart bouquet, an ensemble of25 American red roses. Accentuated with steel grass contoured like a heart. Neatly bundled and tied, covered with plain white Korean paper. Elegant and chic, perfect for someone you want to brighten up their day.Note: Including acrylic stick

230 QR
Hugs And Blooms – B12002

This beauty is an ensemble of 12 red baby roses and accentuated harmoniously with Limonium. Neatly arranged in a hand tied bouquet covered with semi-clear and silver bordered Korean paper with red-maroon final wrap. Elegant and chic, perfect for someone you want to brighten up their day.Note: Including acrylic stick

230 QR
Crimson Caress - B12015

Crimson Caress is an exquisite hand bouquet, meticulously crafted with 30 red baby roses. Each rose is lovingly wrapped in soft white paper, creating a striking contrast that whispers romance and timeless elegance.Note: Including acrylic stick

290 QR
Velvet Mystery - B12014

Velvet Mystery is a vase arrangement that exudes intrigue and romance, presenting 25 sumptuous red roses. The blooms are accentuated by a glass vase enshrouded in a delicate black fabric net, creating an aura of elegance and secret admiration.Note: Including acrylic stick

260 QR
Marble Rose - B12012

The 'Marble Rose' gift item is a sophisticated arrangement of 50 vibrant red roses, nestled atop natural moss grass in a box with a chic marble pattern. Tied off with a satin bow, it's a luxurious symbol of passion and elegance. Note: Including acrylic stick

430 QR
Ivory Luxe - B12010

Ivory Luxe is an exquisite vase arrangement featuring a bountiful cluster of 50 white roses, set against a backdrop of fresh eucalyptus. Presented in a stunning red round leather box, this creation embodies opulence and heartfelt sentiments.Note: Including acrylic stick

480 QR
Petite Elegance - B4087

The Petite Elegance bouquet features a delightful blend of white and peach baby roses. Hand-arranged in a unique ceramic bag vase, this arrangement creates an endearing spectacle, making it a perfect gift to express pure sentiments of love, friendship or appreciation.

490 QR
Parisian Splendor - B4086

Parisian Splendor combines Italian ruscus, pink eustoma, limonium, white and pink roses, and carnations in a radiant dance of color and texture. Carefully arranged in a crystal French vase, this bouquet exudes a sense of grace and romantic charm. Perfect for celebrating special moments or enhancing your décor.

930 QR
Scarlet Miniature - B1094

The Scarlet Miniature hand bouquet is a stunning collection of fifty vivacious red baby roses, arranged masterfully and wrapped in an elegant black cloth with a refined white border. This bouquet is the embodiment of passion, sure to convey your deepest affections.

780 QR
Lavender Lily Love - B1093

The Lavender Lily Love hand bouquet showcases a charming medley of pink lilies, purple roses, and pink roses, paired harmoniously with subtle Limonium and fresh Eucalyptus. Wrapped elegantly in a white bordered wrap, this bouquet is a radiant token of adoration and care.

480 QR
Petite Crimson Delight - B4062

Our Petite Crimson Delight Features 50 Alluring Red Baby Roses, Nestled In A Graceful Crystal Bud Vase. These Delicate Blooms Create An Enchanting Display, Perfect For Expressing Love Or Appreciation. Add A Touch Of Elegance To Any Room Or Occasion With This Charming Vase Arrangement.

780 QR
Peach Serenity - B4064

Embrace The Soothing Warmth Of Our Peach Serenity Arrangement, Featuring 50 Delicate Peach Spray Roses Nestled In An Elegant Crystal Bud Vase. The Soft Hues And Graceful Design Create A Serene Atmosphere, Perfect For Expressing Your Love, Admiration, Or Simply Adding A Touch Of Sophistication To Any Space.

780 QR
Fuchsia Fusion - B1092

Fuchsia Fusion is a stunning hand bouquet featuring 25 vibrant Fuschia Roses and 25 delicate pink Roses, intertwined with refreshing Eucalyptus. The striking contrast of colors makes this bouquet a memorable gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or to express your love and appreciation.

240 QR
Shimmering Delight - B1091

The Shimmering Delight hand bouquet boasts an exquisite blend of 25 shimmer Roses and 25 pink Roses, complemented by verdant Eucalyptus. This captivating arrangement is perfect for any special occasion, such as anniversaries, birthdays, or expressing your love and admiration.

240 QR
Crimson Embrace - B1090

The Crimson Embrace hand bouquet showcases a stunning combination of 25 red Roses and 25 pink Roses, elegantly accompanied by Eucalyptus foliage. This breathtaking arrangement is perfect for expressing love, gratitude, or appreciation for any occasion, from anniversaries to birthdays.

240 QR
Harmony Bouquet - B1089

The Harmony Bouquet hand bouquet is a captivating arrangement of 25 white Roses and 25 pink Roses, complemented by the refreshing presence of Eucalyptus foliage. This enchanting bouquet makes an ideal gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or special events, symbolizing love and devotion.

240 QR
Blossoming Harmony - B1087

The Blossoming Harmony hand bouquet is an enchanting blend of 20 red Roses and 25 pink Roses, complemented by rich Eucalyptus greenery. This captivating arrangement is ideal for conveying love and appreciation on anniversaries, birthdays, or any special event that warrants a heartfelt expression.

240 QR
Pink Passion - B1086

The Pink Passion hand bouquet showcases a delightful blend of 20 and 25 pink Roses, skillfully arranged with Eucalyptus foliage. This enchanting bouquet is perfect for expressing love, admiration, and affection on any special occasion, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient.

240 QR