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Discover the enchanting world of Bleue, where beauty meets elegance. At Bleue, we offer a stunning selection of flowers and gifts that will leave you captivated. Located in Qatar, our pampas garden is a true oasis of natural beauty. What sets Bleue apart is our commitment to providing unique and unforgettable experiences. Our team of skilled florists handcrafts each arrangement with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every petal and stem is perfectly placed.

Best Selling


Crimson Rhapsody - 12059

Crimson Rhapsody' is a hand bouquet that captivates with 25 vibrant red roses, complemented by the lush greenery of Song of Jamaica and eucalyptus leaves. Encased in elegant black paper, it's a romantic symphony that gracefully expresses love and desire.Note: Including acrylic stick

260 QR
Contrast Blooms - 12058

Contrast Blooms' is a hand bouquet that artfully combines 20 rich red roses with 10 serene white baby roses. Wrapped in a chic interplay of black and white paper and secured with a rustic twine bow, it's a gift that speaks volumes of your affection.Note: Including acrylic stick

290 QR
Crimson Meadow - 12057

'Crimson Meadow' is a hand bouquet that artfully combines 20 rich red roses with 10 serene white baby roses. Wrapped in a chic interplay of black and white paper and secured with a rustic twine bow, it's a gift that speaks volumes of your affection. Note: Including acrylic stick

220 QR
Verdant Charm - 12056

Verdant Charm' is an exquisite gift item, boasting 50 lush red roses amidst a bed of fragrant eucalyptus leaves. Each bloom is carefully nestled in a high-quality artificial grass box, crafting a stunning visual and olfactory experience.Note: Including acrylic stick

480 QR
Ivory Whisper - 12055

The 'Ivory Whisper' hand bouquet is a pure and luxurious statement, featuring 100 pristine white roses. Wrapped in a refined combination of cream and gray papers and finished with a white leather bow, it represents a silent yet profound declaration of love.Note: Including acrylic stick

870 QR
Blush Serenade - 12054

Blush Serenade' is a symphony in pink, featuring 100 tender pink roses lovingly wrapped in harmonious white and pink paper, secured with an elegant white leather bow. This hand bouquet is a poetic ode to grace and affection.Note: Including acrylic stick

870 QR
Noir Romance - 12053

Presenting 'Noir Romance', a hand bouquet that weaves a story of passion with 100 rich red roses. Wrapped in a striking contrast of black and white paper, and tied with a white leather ribbon, this bouquet captures the essence of an elegant, timeless love.Note: Including acrylic stick

890 QR
Crimson Elegance - 12052

Embrace the essence of love with 'Crimson Elegance', a majestic Valentine's Day arrangement of 50 red roses. These premium blooms are artistically arranged in a sophisticated white round leather box, making a grand statement of your affection.Note: Including acrylic stick

490 QR
Ruby Cluster - 12050

The 'Ruby Cluster' vase arrangement is a romantic centerpiece this Valentine's Day, with 8 classic red roses and 10 charming red spray roses nestled in a modern glass bowl vase, creating a luxurious bouquet that conveys a deep, heartfelt passion.Note: Including acrylic stick

240 QR
Crimson Cascade - 12047

The 'Crimson Cascade' vase arrangement exudes romance this Valentine's Day, featuring a lavish display of 25 radiant red roses. Each bloom is meticulously arranged in a graceful glass funnel vase, creating a stunning visual flow that symbolizes a waterfall of deep affection. Note: Including acrylic stick

260 QR
Velvety and Green - 4110

Not so bohemian and yet close to nature look, these combination has its own sophistication and charm, a combination of 8 velvet red American roses, 5 deep red Mikado baby roses and 15 organic chamomile, a combination accentuated with ruscus greens, wild berries, garden eucalyptus and cinerea aromatic eucalyptus leaves and carefully arranged in white mannequin head ceramic vase Height- 40 width-30

590 QR
Mystic Eclair - 4091

Mystical essence of red blooms of giant explorer roses from Ecuador, an ensemble of 10 majestic Ecuadorian roses, 15 red Mikado baby roses, 5 crisp red hypericum, 6 light pink Holland carnation and 4 eryngium with sultry pitoforium greeneries and song of Jamaica leaves A new statement and presentation, shadow of an English arrangement of blooms freely and carefully placed in a ribbon ceramic vase. A combination that is lustrous and elegant Height-65cm Diameter-55x35

870 QR
English éclair - 4085

Honesty and dedication, sincerity and love are rolled into this ensemble of blooms in English eclair, combination of 6 light pink roses, 6 American explorer red roses, 4 red Mikado baby roses, 5 light purple Holland eustoma, 4 light purple wax flower and desert berries. Accentuated by pitoforium greeneries and set neatly in a marble design ceramic vase Height-48 Width-36

560 QR
Mannequin Fleur Series The Orchid Touch 7047

Jewelry Stand With Real Touch Artificial White Phalaenopsis Orchid Simple And Sophisticated height 39 cm diameter 32x22

370 QR
Peachy En Pink - 4065

A Modern Classic Of An English Posh Arrangement With 20 Pink Roses, 18 Sweet Sara Peach Baby Roses, 12 Cymbidium Orchids, 4 Eryngium, 3 Dried Pampas And Eucalyptus Greens, Set In White Glazed Ceramic Vase With Gold Ring

1,060 QR
The Lazy Blooms - 4063

These Cascading Beauty Is Just Enigmatically Charming With 20 American Red Roses, 15 Red Mikado Baby Roses, 6 Eustoma, 6 Wax Flowers And Accentuated With Eucalyptus Leaves And Desert Berries And Set In A Classic Modern Ceramic Vase With Gold

970 QR
Modern Spike - 4062

A Modern Ensemble Of Freshly Cut Flowers Of 8 White Mondial American Roses, 8 Light Pink Roses, 6 Light Purple Eustoma, 4 Wax Flowers, 3 Eryngium, 8 Peach Pink Baby Roses And Eucalyptus Leaves And Set In Candle Stand Vase

860 QR
English Posh Pink - 4039

A beautiful English posh arrangement with the mixture of fresh blooms of 5 candy pink roses, 5 light purple roses, 7 sweet sara baby roses, 5 pink carnation, lemonium and eryngium with eucalyptus greens a silver ceramic vase with gold height-54cm diameter-82x47

560 QR
Modern English Flower - 4032

Modern English arrangement of pure fresh blooms of 10 pink novia roses, 10 light American roses, 5 white pearly baby roses, 5 carnation with eucalyptus leaves, Ruscus and wild pampas in a classy gutted cylinder glass height 55 cm

580 QR