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Order the most beautiful roses and gifts online from Bloomex Florist to have them delivered to your doorstep. Choose the most beautiful bouquets from Bloomex Florist and remark a happy memory for your loved ones. Order now online and enjoy the fastest delivery service from the Snoonu app in Qatar.

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White And Pink Babe Rose 20Pcs With Lemonium 2Pcs ,Graduation Cap

240 QR
Alhamdulillah For Everything

Mixed Rose 12Pcs .Sunflower 1Pcs,Lily 1Pcs ,Mixed Babe Rose 10Pcs ,Lamonium2Pcs,With Graduation Cap ,And Vase

350 QR
Best Blessing

Red And White Rose 15Pcs ,With Lemonium 1Pcs,Eucalyptus And Graduation Cap

170 QR
Best Wishes

Pink Babe Rose 5Pcs ,White Hydrangea 1Pcs,Eucalyptus,Gyosophila And Graduations Cap

160 QR

Red Roses 6Pcs,Daisy 2Pcs,Purple Statice 1Pcs And Gypsophila

100 QR
Congrats Bag

Red Roses 13Pcs,Red Babe Rose 5Pcs With Graduations Cap

170 QR
Congrats Bag 2

Pink Babe Rose 10Pcs ,Statice 2Pcs With Graduation Cap

150 QR
Congrats Bag 4

Mixed Rose And Babe Rose 20Pcs ,Gypsophila With Graduation Cap

220 QR
Congrats Box Red

Purple Rose 5Pcs ,Mixed Babe Rose 15Pcs,Gypsophila With Graduation Cap

220 QR
Congrats Box White

Mixed Babe Rose 15Pcs ,White Lily 1Pcs ,Lemonium 1Pcs With Graduation Cap And Box

260 QR
Congrats Heart Box

Red And White Rose 6Pcs ,Lily 1Pcs,Red And White Babe Rose 10 Pcs With Gypsophila And Graduation Cap

150 QR

Red Rose 2Pcs ,Sunflower 1Pcs,Pink Babe Rose 1Pcs

50 QR
Congratulations Bouquet

Red And Purple Rose 12Pcs ,Daisy Flower 3Pcs With Graduation Cap

180 QR
Congratulations For You Graduations

Pink,Yellow,White Babe Rose 25Pcs,Lemonium 2Pcs,With Graduations Cap

290 QR
Congress 2

White Babe Rose 5Pcs ,Carnation 5Pcs,Red Rose 5Pcs ,Gypsophila,Lemonium 1Pcs,Eucalyptus With Graduation Cap

180 QR
Daisy For You 5

Daisy Flower 10Pcs With Graduations Cap

155 QR
For Graduate

Pink And Red Rose 10Pcs,White Babe Rose 5Pcs With Graduation Cap

160 QR
For Graduation Complete

Yellow And White Babe Rose 10Pcs ,Pink Rose 5Pcs With Graduation Cap

180 QR
For Proud

White Chrysanthemum 5Pcs ,Red And White Rose 10Pcs ,Lemonium 2Pcs ,With Graduation Cap

180 QR