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🌸 Discover the Magic of Bloomex Flowers in Qatar - Where Every Petal Tells a Story! 🌸 Hey, you! Yes, YOU! Are you on the hunt for the most exquisite, breathtaking flowers in Qatar? Well, guess what? Your search ends at Bloomex Flower! Nestled in the heart of Ain Khaled, we're not just your ordinary flower shop; we're your go-to haven for blooms that speak volumes, offering an explosion of colors, fragrances, and emotions, all wrapped up in a bouquet. 🌹 Why Bloomex Flower, You Ask? 🌹 At Bloomex Flower, we're not just selling flowers; we're crafting memories. Whether it's a heartwarming surprise for your loved one, a vibrant addition to your home, or a gesture of sympathy, our diverse array of stunning blooms caters to every whim and fancy. From the timeless elegance of roses to the cheerful vibrancy of tulips, we handpick and artfully arrange our flowers, ensuring each bouquet leaves a lasting impression. But wait, there's more! Ever craved the sweetness of chocolates paired with the delicate beauty of flowers? Our best-selling combos of flowers and chocolates are the talk of the town, weaving together flavors and fragrances to create a symphony of senses. It's not just a gift; it's an experience, one that your special someone will cherish forever. 🚚 Effortless Ordering with Snoonu Fast, Reliable, and Oh-So-Convenient! 🚚 In the hustle and bustle of Ain Khaled, who has the time to run around for flowers? That's where we, together with Snoonu, come into play. A few taps on your phone, and voilà your favorite blooms are on their way to your doorstep. With Snoonu's swift and extensive coverage across Ain Khaled, getting your hands on our blooming beauties has never been easier or more convenient. 🌟 But Don't Just Take Our Word for It! 🌟 Boasting an impressive Snoonu rating of 4.6, our happy customers are a testament to our commitment to quality and satisfaction. It's not just about selling flowers; it's about building trust and relatio

Best Selling


The Graduation 4

Orange Rose 5Pc And White Rose 5Pcs With Eucalyptus And Graduation Cap

110 QR
Sunflower And Daisy Bouquet 7

Sunflower 9Pcs, Daisy Flower 12Pcs With Acrylic And Graduation Cap

310 QR
Orange Bouquet For Graduation

Orange Rose 25Pcs, With Gypsophila Half Bunge

325 QR
Orange And Red Bouquet

Red And Orange Rose 20Pcs With Graduation Cap

210 QR
Orange And Daisy Bouquet

Orange Rose 10Pcs And Daisy Flower 5Pcd With Graduation Cap

180 QR
For Your Graduation 4

Orange And Yellow Rose 20Pcs With Graduation Cap

200 QR
Feelings Proud

Yellow, Red, White Rose 15Pcs , Leather Leaves 5Pcs, Solidago 5Pcs With Graduation Cap With Gypsophila

210 QR
Daisy Bouquet For Graduation

Daisy Flower 10Pcs With Graduation Cap

155 QR
Daisy And Sunflower Bouquet 4

Sunflower 6Pcs, Daisy Flower 10Pcs With Graduation Cap

300 QR
Congratulations For You Graduations

Pink,Yellow,White Babe Rose 25Pcs,Lemonium 2Pcs,With Graduations Cap

290 QR
For Graduation Complete

Yellow And White Babe Rose 10Pcs ,Pink Rose 5Pcs With Graduation Cap

180 QR
For You Graduations

Red Rose 20Pcs,White Rose 1Pcs With Graduation Cap

220 QR
Graduations Sash

Graduations Sash

30 QR
Proud Of Your Graduations

Lily 5Pcs,Red Roses 20Pcs With Graduation Cap

330 QR
The Graduations Vase

Garbera 10Pcs ,Gypsophila,Graduation Cap With Vase

130 QR
The Pink Bag

Pink And White Babe Rose 15Pcs,With Lemonium And Graduation Cap

200 QR
Yellow For You 6

Yellow Rose 20Pcs With Graduation Cap

200 QR

White And Pink Baby Rose 20Pcs With Limonium 2Pcs, Graduation Cap

240 QR
Alhamdulillah For Everything

Mixed Rose 12Pcs .Sunflower 1Pcs, Lily 1Pcs, Mixed Baby Rose 10Pcs, Limonium 2Pcs, With Graduation Cap, And Vase

350 QR