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🍫✨ Dive Into the Decadent World of Hanoverian For Chocolates! ✨🍫 Hey there, chocolate aficionados of Qatar! Are you ready to embark on a taste journey like no other? Say "hello" to your new sweet obsession Hanoverian For Chocolates, the ultimate haven for chocolate lovers nestled right here in the heart of Bani Hajar. 🌟 Why Hanoverian, you ask? 🌟 Well, it's simple. Imagine unwrapping a piece of chocolate that melts in your mouth, releasing layers of flavors so divine, it's like a symphony on your taste buds. That's the Hanoverian experience. With an impressive Snoonu rating of 4.8, we're not just bragging; our happy customers are singing praises louder than a chocolate fountain's burble! Our secret? A passionate dedication to crafting the finest chocolates, where every bite tells a story of quality, innovation, and a sprinkle of magic. From the silky-smooth hanoverian chocolate to our signature crepe dulcey, we've got a world of flavors waiting just for you. 🚚💨 And guess what? Indulging in our chocolatey treasures has never been easier, thanks to Snoonu's swift and seamless delivery service. Whether you're nestled in the cozy corners of Bani Hajar or beyond, a box full of happiness is just a click away. But hey, we're not just about chocolates. Our store is like Aladdin's cave, filled with treasures that cater to every whim and fancy. In the mood for romance? Our best-selling flowers and chocolates combo is like a love letter, wrapped in elegance and sweetness. 🌸🍫 Let's talk best-sellers because who doesn't love a crowd-pleaser? Picture this: a bouquet of the freshest, most vibrant flowers paired with our signature chocolates. It's a match made in heaven and the perfect way to say "I care" or "just because." Trust us, it's the duo you didn't know you needed until now. So, why choose Hanoverian For Chocolates for your next indulgence? Because we believe in variety, quality, and the joy of convenience.

Best Selling


Giant Candy

20 mini boxes that contains 4 pieces each

430 QR

Assorted pieces of chocolate stuffed with pistachio nuts and nuts.

195 QR
Caramel Slices 56 pieces

175 QR
Truffle with Hazelnut 24 pieces

175 QR
Crepe Dulcey

Contains 20-30 pieces of crispy crepe with caramel covered with chocolate

185 QR
Salted Pecan

Handmade caramel topped with golden caramel sprinkled in snowy salt 30 pieces

205 QR