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🌺 Discover the Magic of Jasmine in Qatar Where Flowers Bloom with Love & Care 🌺 Hey there, flower aficionados and sweet scent seekers! Ever found yourself dreaming of a place where the air is always fragrant, and the choices of blooms and delights endless? Well, pinch yourself, 'cause you're not dreaming! Welcome to Jasmine, nestled right here in the heart of Qatar, where every petal tells a story, and every bouquet is a masterpiece. 🌟 Why Jasmine? Oh, Let Us Count the Ways... 🌟 At Jasmine, we're not just about flowers; we're about the experience of flowers. From the intoxicating scent of our signature jasmine blooms to the vibrant hues of our diverse floral collection, we've got something for every mood, occasion, and nook of your heart. And it's not just flowers oh no! We've sweetened the deal with chocolates that are as delightful to the eyes as they are to the palate. Trust us, our chocolate and flower duos are the talk of the town! But wait, there's more! We know life in Qatar is fast-paced, and you're always on the go. That's why we've teamed up with Snoonu, the delivery heroes, to bring the magic of Jasmine right to your doorstep. Whether you're in Al Ebaib, cozying up in Al Kharaitiyat, or basking in the warmth of Bani Hajar, we've got you covered. Swift, reliable, and covering extensive ground Snoonu ensures that your order from Jasmine arrives fresh and fabulous, every time. 🌹 Best-Sellers That Make Hearts Flutter 🌹 Our jasmine flowers and chocolates have become somewhat of a legend around these parts. Imagine the softest, most aromatic jasmine flowers that seem to whisper sweet nothings. Pair that with chocolates that melt in your mouth, leaving a trail of bliss, and you've got a combination that's hard to resist. It's no wonder these are our top sellers!


Summer Memories

Big Rose White, Anthurium Pink And Green Leaves

450 QR

Mix flowers hend bouquet

670 QR
Blossoms (Happy Birthday)

Weaved base with white rose flowers arrangement. Occasion: Birthday. Size: H 67 cm X W 40 cm

940 QR
Chocolate giveaway box

giveaway box with 4 pieces chocolates

65 QR
Chocolate giveaway box

giveaway box with 2 pieces chocolates

35 QR

Chocolate Knefe 15Cm Width 15 Cm Length 3Cm Height And The Ingredients - Milk Chocolate , Knefe , Pistachio , Gee (Cow Milk Fat)

85 QR
Dreaming Bird Of Paradise

Bird Of Paradise Anthurium Gerbera And Carnation Stone With Vase Arrangement

400 QR
White Roses Perfection

Pure White Roses Ecuador 50 Big Rose White Round Arrangement

750 QR
Gift In Marble Beauty

Gift Arrangement In Marble Stand Big Rose Sweet Unique, Baby Rose Pink, Eustoma, Wax White , Green Leaves Gerbera White

450 QR
Loose In Blossoms

Loose Flowers In Silicone Vase Baby Rose Pink, Wax White, Calla Lily Pink

400 QR
Red Fantasy

70 Red Rose Hand Bouquet With White Wrapping

870 QR
Rose Beauty

Red Rose Baby Rose Green Chrysanthemum Gerbera And Green Leaves With Brown Wrapping

500 QR
Baby Rose Fantasy

Anthurium Mix Baby Rose And Lemonium

480 QR
White Crescent

White Mix Flowers In Bullet Glass Vase Big Rose White, Baby Rose White, Wax White, Eustoma White

585 QR
Pink Fantasy

Hand Bouquet With Sweet Unique Roses Filled With Wax Pink Fillers

400 QR
Art Of Delphinium

Delphinium White Lily Mix Rose Eustoma With Green Leaves

500 QR
Stand In Mix White

Stand In Baby Rose, With Green Bell, Euca, And White Gerbera

400 QR
Hand Bouquet Beauty

White Flowers Mix In White Wrapping Big Rose White, Delphinium White Anthurium White, Tulip White, Green Leaves

1,200 QR
Rose Beauty In Glass Vase

Big Rose And Baby Rose And Wax And Green Leaves Round Vase Arrangement

560 QR