Larissa Gardens

Delivery time

46-51 Min


6.77 km

Working hours

OpenUntil 7:45 pm



Best Selling

500 QR

50 Red Roses In Black Wrapping

330 QR

30 Red Roses In Bouquet


Polyscias Roble 60 Cm Ht In Capi White Pot

340 QR

Singonia Plant In White Pot

200 QR

Red Succulent In Capi White Pot

130 QR

Red Succulent In Black Pot

130 QR

Monalisa Haning Plant

190 QR

Aglonema In Vase Elegant High Ii Rib, Brown Color

370 QR

Spathyphillum In Vase Elegant High Ii Loop, Black Color

250 QR

Red Anthurium Egg Planter Stripes Iii, Anthracite Color

250 QR

Bouquet 7: Hand bouquet of lily and roses

220 QR

Bouquet 8: Small Bouquet Of Roses

150 QR

Bouquet 9: Bouquet Of Long Pink Roses

300 QR

Bouquet 10: Bouquet Of Different Flowers

270 QR

Bouquet 12: Arrangement Of Flowers In White Box

370 QR

Bouquet 13: Arrangement Of Flowers In 30 Cm Ht Clear Vase

540 QR

2 Perennial Flowers In A Glass

340 QR

Arrangement On Gold Stand Of Dry Flowers And Plants

950 QR

Arrangement In Vase Of Dry Flowers And Plants 80 Cm Height

1,400 QR

Double Stem White Phalaenopsis Orchid In 12*12 Cm Glass Vase

250 QR

Double Stem Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid

Double stem Purple Phalaenopsis orchid in 12*12 cm glass vase

250 QR

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