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English Afternoon Tea

Different Dishes Of Salty And Sweets

260 QR
Laverita Sandwich 24 Pieces

A Mix Of Thyme And Labneh, Sweet Cheese, Hummus/Red Pepper, Eggs With Vegetables, And Beef With Mayonnaise

200 QR
Salty Biscuit Box

Zaatar, Spice, Sesame, Almond Flakes, Sumac, Cumin

200 QR
Original Laverita 40 Pieces

Consists Of Vegetable Pizza, Thyme, Beef With Cheese, Vegetables With Cheese, Vegetables With Beef, Akkawi Cheese, Chicken, Spinach

180 QR
Musakhan Box 24

Combination Of Chicken & Herbs

100 QR
Laverita Balls 24 Pieces

Feta Cheese, Olive Cheese, Beef, Chicken

200 QR
Mini Laverita 40 Pieces

Consists Of Pies And Sandwiches: Margherita Pizza, Muhammara, Turkey Chicken, Labneh, Labneh With Spinach, Chicken Labneh, Chicken With Mayonnaise, Spicy Cheese, And Mixed Olives

200 QR
Mix Laverita 24 Pieces

Ingredients: Labneh Pesto, Spicy Labneh, Labneh And Olives, Hummus, Grilled Halloumi, Chicken With Cheese, Potato And Mayonnaise, Labneh Thyme

200 QR
Mini Burgers 24 Pieces

Mix Of Chicken & Beef Patty

200 QR

Chocolate Glazed Variety Of Éclairs. Pistachio, Lotus, Nutella, Hazelnut Praline, Milk Chocolate, Custard Flavored

200 QR
Fruit Tart

Mango, Kiwi, Strawberry, Pomegranate

250 QR
Mini San Sebastián, Cheese Pancake 30 Pieces

180 QR
Chocolate Tower

1,600 QR
Raffaello Box 21 Pieces

Chocolate Filled With Pistachio, Coconut & Lotus Fillings

140 QR
Chocolate 28 Pieces

Choice Of Hazelnuts Pralines, Pistachio, Nutella, Lotus Fillings

175 QR
Chocolate Lollipop

Chocolate With Pistachio, Crunchy Coconut & Crunchy Lotus Fillings

140 QR
Chocolate Volcano 21 Pieces

Combination Of Hazelnuts With Flakes, Crunchy Hazelnuts With Mixed Praline

180 QR
Slab Box

Combination Of Almond Flakes, Coconut & Sesame

200 QR
Coco Berry

Finest Quality Belgian And Swiss Chocolate Combines Freshness With Creamy Crunchy Flavors Of Hazelnuts With White Cream

200 QR