Laverna Sweets Flowers Chocolate

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Gift Box 2

360 QR

Turkish Chocolate

450 QR

Premium Lojon Coffee

50 QR

Coffe Chadlia With Zaafaran

170 QR

Petti Four Laverna

80 pieces of the special homemade fours baked with many distinct flavors and fillings of lotus, strawberry, pistachio, mango, saffron and thyme

220 QR

Mixed Chocolate

A luxurious chocolate box made of the finest Turkish nuts, hazelnuts and pistachios

320 QR

Grape Leaves

Sour grape leaves with a little pomegranate molasses

120 QR

Mixed Fatyer

150 QR

Kit Kat Sweet

15 Pieces Of Biscuits Mixed With Cheese Covered With The Finest Belgian Chocolate

150 QR

Toffee Nut

Savory assortment of five different flavors of thyme, sumac, cheese, black seed and sesame

200 QR

Chocolate Chips

Arabic baklava with the finest types of nuts in many different flavors and shapes

180 QR

Mixed Mawalih

Savory fingers dipped in belgian chocolate with different flavors

200 QR

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