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Welcome to Malva Flowers & Chocolate, where blissful indulgence awaits you. With our exquisite selection of flowers and delectable chocolates, we are here to make your special moments even more memorable. At Malva Flowers & Chocolate, we pride ourselves on offering unique and captivating arrangements that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Our team of skilled florists handcrafts each bouquet, ensuring that every petal is perfectly placed. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary.

Best Selling


Purple Colored Box

Mix colorful watered mouth chocolate on a box of 35 x 21 cm with 915 kg of chocolate

490 QR
Color Candy Box

Mix colorful watered mouth chocolate on a box of 23x23 cm with 705 kg of chocolate

380 QR
Coolist Choco Box

Mix colorful watered mouth chocolate on a box 30x10 with 310 kg of chocolates

194 QR
Bliss Macarona

Cleared classy box with a blissful colorful mix macarons 638kg and a sizes of 26x24

400 QR
Mondrial Chocolate

Luxury box contains with your favorite chocolate with 1276kg and sizes of 48x24

750 QR
Missy Chocolate

Mix colorful chocolate on a square box 26x24 with a 760 kg of chocolates

450 QR
Blast Chocolate

Mix chocolate on a luxury gray clear cover box with a sizes of 48x24 / and 1580 kg of chocolate

850 QR
Grande Chocolate Box

Grande chocolates with 855kg that fulfilled your sweets craving satisfied

488 QR
Macaron De Color

Box contains of 320 kg attractive color made for you

193 QR
Square Pretty Box

A surprise box that’s mesmerized you of the pretty chocolate inside with 625 kg

360 QR
Purple De Box

Mix colorful chocolate box with 300 kg

177 QR

Simple box with elegant design that makes your cravings satisfaction 748kg mix chocolate with a size of 26x24

450 QR
Fleur De Gerbera

Gerbera white arrangement on the acrylic with stone

350 QR
Mums White Box

Mix colorful flowers on a box with money acrylic

350 QR
Purple De Alluim

Purple de alluim match up with white anthorium

400 QR
Mix Bouquet Acrylic

Mix bouquet acrylic with spray rose colored orange and yellow

300 QR
Acrylic Mix Colours

Mix colours arrange on a design acrylic

350 QR
Clear Acrylic Bouquet

Clear acrylic with bunch of bouquet mix of purple and peach roses

350 QR
Fleur De Purple

Combination of purple to white and pink that makes your eyes mesmerized

600 QR