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Experience the enchanting world of Plaza Hollandi in Qatar. As the leading florist and plant specialist, Plaza Hollandi offers an extraordinary selection of exquisite flowers, plants, and floral arrangements that are sure to leave a lasting impression. With a commitment to quality and exceptional customer service, Plaza Hollandi is dedicated to bringing beauty and elegance to every occasion.

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A Beautiful Flower Bouquet Of Deep Purple Spray Rose, Pink Spray Roses, Dark Pink Statice, Wax Flower, Roses, And Eucalyptus. This Beautiful Bouquet Is Vibrant And Stunning And Would Suit Any Interior With A Natural Tone Or Similar Regal Tones. Perfect For A Birthday, To Welcome Someone Home, Or Just Because.

350 QR
Pink Bouquet

This Stunning Bouquet Filled With Mixed Pink Flowers Is Specially Designed To Celebrate All The Beautiful Pink Flowers Available. This Pink Bouquet Has Spray Roses, Bouvadia, Pink Scented Roses, Statice, Hydrangea, And Eustoma, All Arranged With Green Bell And Eucalyptus And Wrapped In Pink Paper.  A Beautiful Bouquet To Send To Someone You Love To Show Them You Are Thinking Of Them.

500 QR
Peach Roses With Misty Bubbles

For a graduation celebration, consider an arrangement featuring Misty Bubbles, Peach Spray Roses, Hypericums, and Eucalyptus. The Misty Bubbles add an airy and whimsical touch, symbolizing the excitement of new beginnings. Peach Spray Roses convey appreciation and admiration for the graduate’s achievements, while Hypericums add vibrant pops of color. Eucalyptus foliage provides a fresh and invigorating scent, symbolizing growth and renewal. Combined, these elements create a beautiful and meaningful bouquet to honor the graduate’s accomplishments.

375 QR
10-piece white and pink Single Roses

10 White And Pink Roses, Beautifully Wrapped Each.

100 QR
25 Quick Sand Roses With Glass Vase

295 QR
20 Stems Of White Lily

Twenty stems of white lily flowers, tall and majestic, form an impressive display. Their pristine white petals radiate purity and grace, creating a stunning arrangement that captivates with its sheer beauty.

600 QR
35 Stems Of White Roses

Thirty-five stems of white roses, pure and elegant, come together to create a breathtaking arrangement. Their pristine white petals symbolize purity, innocence, and reverence. This abundant bouquet of white roses is perfect for expressing heartfelt sentiments such as love, admiration, or sympathy. Its timeless beauty and grace make it a versatile choice for any occasion.

350 QR
14 Stems Of Pink And White Lily’s

14 stems of mixed Pink and White mixed lily’s. Perfect for you to arrange at home in your own vases.

420 QR
Floral Table Decoration

A Beautiful Long And Low Table Floral Table Decoration. Perfect As A Decoration For Your Table For A Special Dinner Occasion. This Floral Design Is Ideal To Add To Your Table And Add Your Delicious Food And Sweets Around It. Approximately 1 Meter In Length, This Design Uses Seasonal Flowers, Such As Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Wax Flowers, Calla Lilies And A Mixture Of Foliage. Perfect For A Special Occasion, Order Your Long And Low Floral Table Decoration Today.

650 QR
Leena Bouquet

A Beautiful 2 Glass Square Vases Filled With Pink And Purple Roses, Celosia, Spray Roses, Eucalyptus And Wax Flowers.

340 QR
Table Arrangement

Table Arrangement Featuring White And Red Flowers

150 QR
20 Pink And White Lily

Twenty Stems Of White And Pink Lily

600 QR
Mixed Flowers Basket Arrangement

Beautiful mix of flowers arranged in a basket for a vibrant and charming display.

150 QR
25 Tiffany Roses With Glass Vase

295 QR
25 Sweet Unique Roses With Glass Vase

295 QR
25 Magic Times Roses With Glass Vase

295 QR
25 Pink Mondial Roses With Glass Vase

295 QR
White Mix Glass Arrangement

Stylish glass arrangement featuring a mix of elegant white flowers.

120 QR
The Red Bouquet

Rich red roses, baby roses, and hypericums. Express deep emotions and romantic sentiments with this striking arrangement that captures the essence of love and desire.

150 QR