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Experience the enchanting world of Plaza Hollandi in Qatar. As the leading florist and plant specialist, Plaza Hollandi offers an extraordinary selection of exquisite flowers, plants, and floral arrangements that are sure to leave a lasting impression. With a commitment to quality and exceptional customer service, Plaza Hollandi is dedicated to bringing beauty and elegance to every occasion.

Best Selling


Sweet Pink Flower Bouquet

A charming flat bouquet with delightful pink flowers. It's a contemporary and stylish arrangement for a touch of elegance.

200 QR
Meera Flower Bouquet

A lively bouquet with red roses, purple limonium, and green foliage. The Meera Flower Bouquet celebrates color and life, conveying joy and vitality. It combines the passionate allure of red roses with the mystique of purple limonium and lush greenery.

200 QR
Elegancia Flower Bouquet

Rich orange and deep red roses create an elegant and charming bouquet. A symbol of passion and timeless beauty, perfect for special moments.

200 QR
The Red Bouquet with gypsophila

A Romantic Bouquet Featuring Stunning Red Roses Paired With Delicate Baby's Breath Flowers, A Timeless Expression Of Love.

100 QR
35 Stems Of Red Roses


350 QR
150 Red Roses

150 Large Headed Red Rose Arranged In A Tight Bouquet Decoratively Wrapped In Black Paper.

1,500 QR
Pink Hatbox Flower Arrangement

A Stunning Flower Arrangement Made In Our Signature Plaza Hollandi Box. Filled With Pink Roses, Pink Hydrangea, Spray Roses, And Cymbidium Orchids.

280 QR
Nyra Flower Bouquet

This European Style Flower Arrangement Is Perfectly Designed In A Black Wooden Box. A Loose-Style Arrangement With Red Roses, Red Dianthus, Wax Flower And Eucalyptus. A Beautiful Floral Design That Is Perfect For Any Occasion From A Special Birthday To Valentine'S Day. Order Your European Style Flower Arrangement.

395 QR

A Sumptuous Bouquet Of 50 Beautiful Large Headed Red Roses. Tied With Natural Rope. A Perfect Gift To Give To Someone You Love. Order Today For Free Delivery.

500 QR
Lilac Flower Arrangement

Deep pink roses and pure lilies in a clear glass vase. A sophisticated, timeless centerpiece radiating passion and grace.

150 QR
Table Arrangement

Table Arrangement Featuring White And Red Flowers

150 QR
Vendom Flower Bouquet

A radiant bouquet featuring yellow solidago, red bouvardia, and purple limonium. This arrangement brings vibrant warmth and captivating colors to any occasion.

150 QR
Sohel Flower Bouquet

A captivating mix of white roses and purple statice flowers, the Sohel Flower Bouquet exudes purity and mystique. It's an ideal gift for various occasions, combining timeless beauty with whimsical charm.

150 QR
Pink Mix Bouquet.

Elegant mix of pink roses in a stunning bouquet.

150 QR
Ceylon Arrangement

An artistic glass arrangement, the Ceylon Arrangement creates a serene symphony with pink roses, white flowers, and purple blooms. It adds tranquility to any setting, skillfully blending delicate balance and soothing aesthetics.

200 QR
Lily Bloom Arrangement

Graceful and romantic, it pairs pink lilies with pink roses in a glass vase. A symbol of beauty and tenderness, it's an ideal gift for expressing affection and admiration.

200 QR
Pinky Flower Bouquet

A charming mix of pink roses, fragrant eucalyptus, delicate Limonium flowers, and whimsical misty bubble spray roses. It's a delightful ensemble that brings together shades of pink and fresh greenery, adding a touch of grace and romance to any moment.

200 QR
Asma Bouquet

Radiant mix of orange, yellow, purple blooms with lush greenery. A captivating, spirited arrangement embodying the joy of nature's vibrant colors.

200 QR
White Green Bouquet

White roses, baby roses, and lush greens. This elegant arrangement conveys serenity and beauty, combining purity and delicacy in a tranquil and refreshing bouquet. Perfect for creating a sense of calm.

200 QR