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Indulge in a delightful combination of sweet treats and beautiful flowers at Revan Sweet And Flowers. As a premier destination for all things sweet and floral, we take pride in offering a unique experience that sets us apart. Our expertly crafted desserts and stunning floral arrangements are sure to captivate your senses. At Revan Sweet And Flowers, we go beyond the ordinary with our exclusive deals and specialties.

Best Selling


Chocolate Nuts

Belgian chocolate with nuts , pistachio , almond , coconut

220 QR
Mix Dates

Mixed dates stuffed with roasted almonds

150 QR
Petit Four Mix

200 QR
Oreo Sweet

15 pieces oreo stuffed cheese with belgian chocolate

150 QR

Caramel stuffed biscuits with nuts

200 QR

Chips stuffed with belgian chocolate pistachio , semsem , lotus , thyme

170 QR
Petit Four Chocolate

Petitfour stuffed with lotus, pistachio and dipped in belgian chocolate

200 QR
Qars Aquili

28 pieces sweets saffron

130 QR
Coffee Rahash

Coffee biscuits stuffed with rahach

170 QR
Belgian Chocolate

230 QR
Mini Cheesecakes

28 Pieces mix Lotus and Snickers

150 QR
Tart Fruits

28 pieces biscuits stuffed as a cover with mixed fruits

150 QR

28 pieces basbousa with coconut and saffron

130 QR
Rocky Road

mix between Belgian chocolate, cashews and biscuits

180 QR
Gift Mix Box

3 belgian chocolate,nuts chocolate , petit four chocolate

360 QR
Luxury Chocolate Bars

Hazelnut Chocolate, Pistachio Chocolate And Milk Pistachio Chocolate.

250 QR
Cake Lotus

160 QR
Cake Swiss Roll

Strawberry Flavor

160 QR
Cake Victoria

160 QR