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🌸✨ Dive into a World of Enchantment at Revan Sweet And Flowers! ✨🌸 Hey there, lovely people of Qatar! Have you ever found yourself dreaming of a place where the allure of freshly bloomed flowers and the irresistible charm of chocolates blend seamlessly? Well, pinch yourselves no more, because Revan Sweet And Flowers in Al Aziziya and Al Wakrah is here to turn those dreams into delightful reality! 🍫💐 Picture This: A cornucopia of vibrant flowers, each whispering stories of love, friendship, and celebration, nestled alongside chocolates so divine, they melt your worries away with each bite. Yes, that's the magic we're talking about! From the softest roses that seem to capture the very essence of romance, to chocolates that are nothing short of culinary masterpieces, we've got it all. And guess what? It's all just a tap away with the swift and convenient delivery via Snoonu. Imagine that! Now, let me tell you a little secret - our best sellers, the flowers and chocolates, they’re not just products. They're experiences. They're the "I'm thinking of you" on a gloomy day, the "Congratulations!" on a bright new beginning, and the "Just because" in the mundane everyday. 💌 But hey, don't just take my word for it. Our Snoonu Rating stands tall at a dazzling 4.8, a testament to the love and trust showered upon us by our cherished customers. It's like they're saying, "Revan Sweet And Flowers, you've got this!" And believe me, we're blushing. 🥰 Why do folks keep coming back, you ask? Well, it’s the variety for me! Whether it's a bespoke bouquet to profess your undying love, or a box of chocolates to sweeten your apologies (we've all been there), we've got an endless array of options to suit your every need. And with Snoonu's breezy delivery, it's like having a magic carpet at your fingertips, ready to whisk your thoughtful gifts across Al Aziziya and Al Wakrah in no time.

Best Selling


Tray Arabic Calligraphy Aid 06

Mix chocolate pack with naturel flower

280 QR
Tray Luxury Acrylic With Flowers Aid 12

Rangina Ghriba With Pistashioر

380 QR
Tray Luxury Acrylic With Flowers Aid 14

400 QR
Eid Package 3 Boxes

3 Boxes: - Chocolate nuts - Mix Petit Four - Salty Crackers

550 QR
Grape Leaves

30 pieces sour grape leaves with a little pomegranate molasses

120 QR
Rocky Road

mix between Belgian chocolate, cashews and biscuits

180 QR
Luxury Chocolate Bars

Hazelnut Chocolate, Pistachio Chocolate And Milk Pistachio Chocolate.

250 QR
Qars Aquili

28 pieces sweets saffron

130 QR
Tart Fruits

28 pieces biscuits stuffed as a cover with mixed fruits

150 QR
Coffee Rahash

Coffee biscuits stuffed with rahach

170 QR

28 pieces basbousa with coconut and saffron

130 QR
Gift Mix Box

3 belgian chocolate, salt, petty four mix

360 QR
Petit Four Mix

200 QR
Mix Dates

Mixed dates stuffed with roasted almonds

150 QR
Petit Four Chocolate

Petitfour stuffed with lotus, pistachio and dipped in belgian chocolate

200 QR

56 pieces stick of creamy custard crunchy

150 QR

Caramel stuffed biscuits with nuts

200 QR
Mille Feuille

150 QR
Chocolate Nuts

Belgian chocolate with nuts , pistachio , almond , coconut

220 QR