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Welcome to Royal Flowers and Plants, your destination for the finest plants in Qatar. With a wide selection of indoor plants, we bring nature's beauty right into your home or office. Our collection includes bamboo plants, snake plants, money plants, and many more, all carefully sourced and nurtured to thrive in the Qatar climate. At Royal Flowers and Plants, we take pride in offering an exclusive range of plants that you won't find anywhere else in Qatar.

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Aloe Aristata 'Magic' Rocks

Pot: 12cm, Height: 15cm

35 QR

30 QR


Spring Bladglans Leaf Shine Spray 600ml

Spring Leaf shine is the highest quality leaf shine used by professionals worldwide. Its original formula is nonabrasive, nontoxic and does not deplete the ozone layer. Economical use with immediate result. Regular treatment will keep your green hard leaved plants dust free and will remove water, calcium and rust stains. Shines up foliage for longer enjoyment of green potted plants. Provides a natural shine, not an oily appearance. Keeps foliage clean for longer.

50 QR

45 QR


Small Garden Fork 2 Piece

50 QR

40 QR
Buxus Sempervirens Ball

Pot: 23Cm, Dia: 30Cm

140 QR

Pot: 8 Liter, Height: 55-60cm

55 QR
Murraya paniculata

Pot: 17cm, Height: 40-50cm

30 QR
Euphorbia milii 1 piece

Pot: 9cm Height: 12-15cm

5 QR
Marigold Orange 25 Pieces Box

25 Pieces Box

30 QR

Pot: 21cm, Height: 100cm

70 QR
Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng Bonsai- Big

Height: 70cm

150 QR
Cherry Plant

Pot: 24cm, Height: 180cm

300 QR

Pot: 24cm, Height: 100cm

70 QR
Apple Tree

Pot: 24cm, Height: 160cm

200 QR

Pot: 21cm, Height: 45cm

20 QR

Height: 40cm

300 QR
Desert Rose (Adenium)

Pot: 21cm Height: 20-35cm

40 QR
Rose Pink

Pot: 21cm, Height: 35-45cm

30 QR
Salvia Officinalis- Moramia

Pot: 14Cm, Height: 25Cm

30 QR

Pot: 8 Ltr, Dia: 20cm

90 QR