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Immerse yourself in the world of Specta Flowers, where each bouquet embodies the specta meaning - an extraordinary display of beauty. Our serenity and bliss bouquet, a customer favorite, provides a calming retreat from daily hustle. We proudly offer fresh flowers, gourmet chocolates, and unique gifts, all available for swift delivery in Qatar through Snoonu. Experience the Specta Flowers difference today and bring a touch of serenity to your space.

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Teachers Day Special Gift No.1

Teachers' Day Appreciation Bouquet: Express your gratitude with this elegant bouquet featuring handpicked natural flowers. Simple yet heartfelt, it's the perfect gift to honor your teachers on their special day.

60 QR
Teachers Day Special Gift No.2

Teachers' Day Appreciation Bouquet: Express your gratitude with this elegant bouquet featuring handpicked natural flowers. Simple yet heartfelt, it's the perfect gift to honor your teachers on their special day.

80 QR
Flower Tchr702

Tulip &Rose: Pink tulips are known for meaning affection, caring, good wishes, and love. Although not as deep or passionate love as red tulips represent. Pink tulips are great to send to friends and family members to show them you care.

120 QR
Flower Tchr704

Mystic Sunburst:Introducing the "Mystic Sunburst" bouquet, featuring vibrant yellow roses enveloped in chic black wrapping paper, adorned with a yellow ribbon. This striking combination exudes sophistication and joy.

100 QR
Flower Tchr705

Purple & White Rose :White and purple roses look very good with each other and their meanings also support each other. When you give purple and white roses to someone you truly love and admire, it means that you not just have respect for that person but also are inspired by their royal and majestic personality. This flower bouquet contains Rose Purple -5, Baby Rose White-3, Eucalyptus

140 QR
Flower Tchr706

Rose & Solidago:Solidago has been used to symbolize good fortune, growth and encouragement.White roses can symbolize the young love that the bride has for her soon-to-be spouse. These flowers can carry the message of purity, loyalty, and innocence. This flower Bouquet contains Rose White -10, Solidago -5

180 QR
Flower Tchr707

Rose &Lipidium: Roses have been associated with romance, love and passion for centuries. The colour red is often seen as a symbol of romantic love, passionate affection, and desire. Red roses are often used in Valentine's Day bouquets, Mother's Day bouquets, bridal bouquets, or other special occasions. This flower bouquet contains red rose and lipidium.

180 QR
Flower Tchr708

Rose &Baby Rose: White roses have a special significance and are the ultimate floral expression of innocence, purity, sympathy and spirituality. This flower bouquet contains white rose, white baby rose and lipidium.

190 QR
Flower Tchr710

Pink & Peach Rose :Pink roses typically symbolise admiration, happiness, and love. Peach roses hold special meaning because they convey a sense of sincerity, genuineness, modesty, and gratitude.This flower bouquet contains Baby Rose Pink -10, Baby Rose Peach-5

245 QR
Flower Tchr711

Pink Petal Charm Bouquet: A captivating arrangement of pink roses, exuding grace and charm. Perfect for expressing love, joy, or admiration, this bouquet is a delightful gift that leaves a lasting impression.

250 QR
Flower Tchr712

Mixed Rose This flower bouquet contains pink rose, purple rose, delphinium white, limonium purple, gerbera white, carnation pink, lipidium and eucalyptus.

300 QR
Flower Tchr713

Pink Rose: Picture-perfect soft pink roses make a beautiful gift for the lovely lady in your life. Wife, mother, daughter or sweetheart, she’s sure to cherish ...This flower bouquet contains pink rose-35.

350 QR
Flower Tchr714

Yellow & Orange: The yellow rose has long been a symbol of friendship.The resulting orange rose symbolizes more passionate and fiery emotions than the romantic allure of a red rose. This flower Bouqeut contains yellow rose-10, orange rose 20, lipidium-3 and leaves .

350 QR
Flower Tchr715

Mixed flowerBouquet: This charming mixed flower bouquet will put a smile on any face. The symbolism of the gerbera daisy is the simple beauty of a very happy life. This flower vase contains Delphinium White -1, Eustoma White-4, Gerbera Pink-2, Lipidium-4, Rose Purple-3, Rose White- 3, Rose Pink-3, Rose Peach- 3, Solidago -2, Wax White -2

370 QR
Flower Tchr716

Pure Bliss Bouquet:A blessed collection of pure white roses, emanating an aura of serenity and divine beauty. Each pristine rose in this ethereal bouquet symbolizes purity, innocence, and heavenly blessings. Its simplistic elegance and timeless appeal make it a perfect gift for moments of celebration, comfort, and spiritual significance. With every delicate petal, this bouquet bestows a sense of tranquility and uplifts the spirit, creating a truly blessed and cherished experience.

400 QR
Flower Tchr717

Rose &Baby Rose: An enchanting purple rose is also known as the "mystical rose." This rose gives off special meanings like royalty and majesty. A deep purple rose is perfect when you want to show someone you look up to them, or value their opinions This flower bouquet contains purple rose, white rose, peach baby rose .

400 QR
Flower Tchr718

Golden Glow Bouquet: A radiant collection of yellow roses, exuding warmth and happiness. This bouquet brings a touch of sunshine and positivity to any occasion, making it the perfect gift to spread joy and brighten spirits.

450 QR
Flower Tchr719

Pink Petal Symphony Bouquet: A harmonious arrangement of delicate pink roses, gracefully coming together in this enchanting bouquet. With an average size that is perfect for any occasion, this bouquet exudes elegance and charm. The soft and captivating hues of pink roses evoke feelings of tenderness and affection. Whether gifted to express love, appreciation, or simply to brighten someone's day, this bouquet is a beautiful gesture that is sure to leave a lasting impression

500 QR
Flower Tchr720

Royal Rouge Bouquet: A grand display of abundant red roses, exuding passion and grandeur. Wrapped in elegant white paper and adorned with a striking red ribbon, this opulent bouquet is a captivating symbol of love and luxury

1,750 QR