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Best Selling

380 QR

Nice Bouquet


First Love

White roses and small roses with greenery

250 QR

Passionate Pink Rose Bouquet

Pink rose, liciantos and greenery

250 QR

Peaceful White Roses Vase

Small white roses and eucalyptus with vase

175 QR

Vibrant Yellow Flower Bag

Yellow roses, small daisies and greens

310 QR

High On Life

Roses, lysianthus, wax flower and bupleurum with greenery

350 QR

One True Love

Roses, spray roses, pots of green carnations, and a tank with greens

290 QR

Get Well

Roses, lysianthus with greenery

220 QR

Nice Bouquet

Roses, hydrangea, bouvardia, lysianthus and baby daisy with greenery

380 QR

Cool Blue

Roses, lysianthus, bouvardia and trachyllium with greenery

330 QR


White roses, lysianthus, baby daisy and eucalyptus with vase

390 QR

Elegant Beauty

Roses, Bouvardia, greenery with vase and display case

150 QR

Celebration Time

Rose, bouvardia, hypercum and rose spray with vase

425 QR

Thank You

Roses, carnations and lemon with greenery

180 QR


25 roses, 10 tulips, small tulips with greenery

450 QR

Autum Edgerow

Roses, spray roses, hypericum, gypsophila and greenery with vase.

300 QR

Spring Blossom

Roses, lysianthus, wax flower, chrysanthemum flower, and peony with greenery

330 QR


Roses, lysianthus, baby daisy, lemon and greenery with a vase.

330 QR

Cool Breeze

Roses, lysianthus delphinium, snowballs, hydrangea with greens

360 QR


توليب ، كوبية ، ورد ، قرنفل ، هايبركوم و ديزي صغير مع خضرة

490 QR

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