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Welcome to Zain Flowers, your one-stop destination for stunning artificial flowers in Qatar. With our exquisite collection, we bring everlasting beauty to your home or special events. At Zain Flowers, we pride ourselves on offering unique and high-quality artificial flowers that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Our attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship ensure that every arrangement is a work of art. Whether you're looking for a vibrant centerpiece for your dining table.

Best Selling


White Lily Bouquet

White Lily 6 pcs with brown and white wrapping paper.

120 QR
Soft Love Bouquet

Mixed color Baby Rose With Wrapping Paper

360 QR
Vase Bouquet With Mix Flowers ( White And Pink )

Vase bouquet with 20 pcs baby roses white, 15 pcs carnation, 2 pcs statice , gypso, dried flowers inside the vase.

500 QR
Hand Bouquet 03

White rose with Gypsophila and with white wrapping paper

120 QR
Red Rose 25pcs

The red color of the rose represents deep love, desire, and admiration.

250 QR
Hand Bouquet With Yellow Roses And Yellow Flowers

Hand bouquet with 10 pieces of yellow rose, 3 pieces of yellow rose, 3 pieces of gerbera, roskos and gypso with yellow and brown wrapping.

200 QR
I Love You

With Red Rose, Gypsophila, Ruscus and vases

50 QR
Hand Bouquet With Mix Flowers

Hand bouquet with yellow roses, statice, fuchsia, wax flower, baby roses,carnation and eucalyptus with brown and beige wrapper

300 QR
Hand Bouquet With Mix Flowers And Pink Roses

Hand bouquet with 20 pcs pink roses,10pcs carnation, statice and eucalyptus with pink wrapping

330 QR
Sweet Love Bouquet

25 Red Rose ,25 Pink Rose With White wrapping paper.

500 QR
Hand Bouquet 01

Choose the flowers: Decide on the type of flowers you want to include in the bouquet. You can go for a monochromatic arrangement or mix different colors and flower types for a vibrant look.

150 QR
Hand Bouquet With Orange Roses And Mix Flowers

Hand bouquet with 25 pcs orange roses, purple statice, gypso and eucalyptus with blue wrapping

300 QR
You Are Beautiful

Hand bouquet with red rose and crysanthemum.

200 QR
Yellow Rose 25 pcs

Yellow Rose 25 pcs in one bunch

250 QR
Hand Bouquet With Yellow Roses

Hand bouquet with 25 pcs yellow roses, gypso, bunny hair with black wrapper

300 QR
Hand Bouquet With Red Baby Roses

Hand bouquet with 30 pcs red baby roses with marble white wrapping

450 QR
Hand Bouquet With White Roses And Baby Roses

Hand bouquet with 25 pcs white Rose and eucalyptus with wrapping

300 QR
Red Baby Rose 10 Pieces

150 QR
Single Rose

10 pcs single rose with wrapping paper

100 QR