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Experience the convenience of Naheed delivery with Al Naheed, your go-to online store in Qatar. From farm-fresh vegetables to premium-quality meat and dairy, Al Naheed offers a wide variety of products to cater to your daily needs. Explore the Naheed online store today and let us transform your shopping experience. Snoonu ensures your order arrives right to your doorstep, swiftly and efficiently. Start shopping with Al Naheed on Snoonu now - it's time to enjoy a seamless shopping experience!

Best Selling


Ikhilas Yadawi Date

150 QR
Doha dates piece 1 Kg 6 Pieces

150 QR
Dates Qatari Ikhlass

25 QR
Sukkari Dates Al-qassim Carton, 12 Pieces * 1/2 Kg

140 QR
Al Khair Farms For Dates Ikhlas Dates Carton, 8 Pieces * 1/2 Kg

100 QR
Sukari Date

25 QR
Saudi Ikhlass Dates Vip

25 QR
Maamoul Mama 1420 g

80 QR
Deluxe Date Paste 1kg

15 QR
dates aklass1/4 kg 1 pes

6 QR
Deluxe Stuffd Dates With Almonds 500 gm

23 QR
Rusk Alsanah

40 QR
Khalas Al-Qassim Malaki Carton 8 piecs*1kg

195 QR
Sukkari Dates Al-qassim Carton, 8 Pieces * 1 Kg

170 QR
Date Saqaei

43 QR
Shishi Maftal Dates 1kg

25 QR
Mamaoul Banat Om Saleh 500g

35 QR
Majdool date 1kg

42 QR
Sukari Ratb 500 G

18 QR