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Best Selling

17 QR

Burrata Cheese 125 Grams

20 QR

Tortilla 25Cm

60 QR

Frozen Tuna Saku 400 Gm

32 QR

Portion Pack Salmon Trimmed 220 Gms

21 QR

Pastina Stelline Plasmon 340g


Anchovies Fillet 290 Grs

51 QR

Tuna Fillet 1.7kg

215 QR

Scampi 4/7 800gr

280 QR

Frozen Crab Stick 1 Kg

36.5 QR

Portioned Salmon Fillets Norwegian 190 Grams

190 Grams without skin

47 QR

Scampi 8/12

190 QR

Tuna Fillets 190 Grs

29.5 QR

Frozen Tuna Saku 400 Gm

60 QR

Portion Pack Salmon Trimmed 220 Gms

220 Grams

32 QR

Master Gourmet Chef 1 Cooking Cream

Italian Cooking Cream 1 Liter

25 QR

Farina Manitoba 1 Kg

It can be used for the production of croissants, panettone dough and mixed with wheat flour, excellent in baking yeast for a long time to rise.

15 QR

Caputo Lievito 100g

25 QR

Farina Fioreglut 5 Kg

Gluten free flour mix is a proprietary blend of rice and potato starches, rice and soy flour, sugar, thickeners and dietary fiber. It's created specifically for gluten-free breads and pizza crusts.

185 QR

Risotto Pasini Carnaroli 1 Kg

18 QR

Fagioli borlotti 500gr

Borlotti beans 500gr

24 QR

Risotto Pasini Arborio 1 KG

16 QR

Gentile Paccheri

25 QR

Farina Pizzeria 1 Kg

Traditional flour is ideal for Classical Napolitana Pizza for a short time of fermentation from 12 to 24 hours

14 QR

polenta valsugana 375g

23 QR

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