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Al Shamal Qatar Sidr Honey


Al Shahaniyah Qatar Sidr Honey

Very useful for the respiratory system,cough,phlegm repellent,repellent for viruses that affect the respiratory system,re-generator of memory cells,and useful for athletes.

180 QR

White Honey

White honeys generally have a milder flavor as compare to dark honeys. This honey is collected as a liquid and naturally crystalizes to a smooth,creamy white texture that's easy to spread like butter. It's a good antioxidant,cough stopper,easing digestive issues and good for skin care and wound healing.

150 QR

Manuka Honey UMF 15+

Manuka Honey boasts more medicinal properties than other honey. It may treat inflammatory skin conditions,heal wounds,and improve oral health.

250 QR

Honey Comb Flower 2 KG

honey comb is one of the valuable materials for the digestive system, in addition to the presence of Turkish flower honey, weighing approximately two kilograms.

250 QR

Bee Pollen Grains

Pollen is one of the most abundant substances that contain plant proteins and enzymes and is recommended to be use frequently because of its countless benefits.

100 QR

Royal Jelly (110g)

Royal Jelly contains a lot of active elements beneficial to the body from proteins, enzymes, minerals and salts. It is considered a miracle food without a competitor. Keeps inside refrigerator.

350 QR

Green Propolis

The Propolis is a natural resinous substance that is extracted from trees by bees. It contains natural antioxidants that raise the body's immunity and fight viruses, bacteria ang fungi.

130 QR

Al Shamal Qatar Sidr Honey

very useful for the respiratory system, cough, phlegm repellent, repellent for viruses that affect the respiratory system, re-generator of memory cells, and useful for athletes.

180 QR

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