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Experience the finest Doha Dates from Qatar's premier dates shop. Our delectable selection offers the best dates in Qatar, from classic Doha date bites to our luxurious chocolate coated dates. Indulge in the unique taste of choco dates Qatar loves, or gift someone special with our elegant dates gift box. With competitive Doha dates price, we make luxury accessible. Savor the richness of dates in Doha, where quality meets tradition. Wondering where to buy chocolate covered dates?

Best Selling


Date Butter - Chocolate & Hazelnut

22 QR
Date Butter - Classic

20 QR
Dates Syrup Bottle 950 Gram

18 QR
Dates Syrup Bottle 470 Gm

11 QR
Dates Paste 1 Kg

12 QR
Dates With Chocolate Pouch 400 Gram

Dates Coated with Dark and White Chocolate. Sprinkled with Pistachio with 1 Piece of Almond inside - 20 pieces individually Wrapped - 400 Gram.

24 QR
Date Bites Pouch 400 Grams

Date Paste Coated with Almond slices, Pistachio powder and Slice , Sesame seeds , 22 pieces individually wrapped - 400 gram.

22 QR
Dates Bites 500 Gram

Small Date Balls With Spices, Coated With Nuts, Sugar Bytes & Sesame Seeds (30 Pcs)

30 QR
Dates with Dry fruits 480 Gram

Sagai & Safawi Dates Pitted And Stuffed With High Quality Dry Fruits To Include Apricot,Figs & Kiwi (24 Pcs)

43 QR
Dates Coated with Chocolate 500 Gram

Dates Pitted And Coated With Dark, White And Brown Chocolate, Sprinkled With Pistachio (24 Pcs)

40 QR
Dates with Nuts 420 Gram

Sagai & Safawi Dates Pitted And Stuffed With High Quality Dry Nuts To Include Cashew, Almond & Walnut (24 Pcs)

30 QR
Dates Single Wrapped 1Kg

18 QR
Dates with tahina 500gm

25 QR
Majdool Premium 800 Gram

52 QR
Majdool Premium 400 Gram

32 QR
Deglet Noor Premium 800 Gm

23 QR
Deglet Noor Premium 400 Gm

12 QR
Sukkari Premium 800 Gm

40 QR
Sukkari Premium 400 Gm

21 QR