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Kimera Koffee - Triumph Trio | Ground (1020G)

SUPERCHARGE YOUR MIND AND BODY - FOCUS | POWER | ENDURANCE! This stack has all three introductory Kimera Koffee variants. 3 x 340 gram packs, a total of 72 servings of organic coffee, nootropics, vitamins and aminos for less than QAR 5.50 per cup!

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Kimera Koffee - Endurance Blend | Ground (340G)

Endurance Blend is a perfect caffeine and pre-workout supplement all in one. Designed to energize you while also enhancing your athletic performance and overall endurance. This blend was made for the workout warriors and fitness fanatics. Let every workout feel like your best workout. Get ready to experience energy that lasts. Our Endurance Blend includes Vitamin B12, a natural vitamin known to enhance energy levels. Studies show that this vitamin actually helps us perform better and stronger when it comes to high intensity workouts. We also include L-Tyrosine, which helps boost levels of adrenaline, norepinephrine, and dopamine in the brain. Tyrosine also helps your body conserve energy, which increases your ability to power through a longer workout and boost your overall physical endurance. Our Endurance Blend also includes glycine, which can help optimize power output and energy during a workout, and can also decrease lactic acid buildup after workouts. 340G / 24 Servings

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Kimera Koffee - Power Blend | Ground (340G)

Strategically Created To Aid & Assist In The Building Of Muscle And Increasing Power Output. Even if you aren't a professional athlete, the power to improve your strength is in your hands. The path to improving your physical strength is valuable and relevant, and there are many benefits to be reaped along the way. The Power blend offers a fusion of Nicaraguan coffee paired with Vitamin D3 and AlphaSize® 340G / 24 Servings

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Kimera Koffee - Focus Blend | Ground (340G)

Imagine your life with exceptional focus, attention to detail, memory and mental clarity. One cup our Focus Blend sets the tone for your day. Powered with L-Theanine to improve your mental endurance, enhance your mental endurance, enhance your awareness and amplify your alpha brain waves. Designed to push yourself to the highest mental level! 340G / 24 Servings

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