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Indulge in the rich and aromatic flavors of Luca Coffee at Lucaffe. As one of the top coffee brands in town, Lucaffe offers a wide selection of premium coffee pods that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs. With our exclusive range of Luca Coffee products, you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of your own home. From the first sip to the last, Luca Coffee delivers a truly exceptional taste experience that will awaken your senses.

Best Selling


Mamma Beans 1kg

Lucaffé Mamma Lucia is ideal for morning coffee moments. This sweet coffee works perfectly in milk coffees, such as in your cappuccino and caffè latte. The coffee gives a rich crema. The blend consists of 40 % Arabica and 60 % Robusta beans. For a quick start in the morning!

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Decaffeinato Beans

700 Grlucaffe Decaffeinated We chemical-free washing process to extract the caffeine solubles out of the Mr Exclusive blend to make our decaf. This process is very gentle and the end result leaves an astonishing flavour integrity in the bean.

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Pulcinella Beans

700 Grlucaffe Pulcinella

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Classic Beans

Classic Coffee Beans 1Kg Lucaffe Classic is a unique proposition for people who appreciate the taste of perfect Italian espresso

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Luxury Beans

Vending Luxury 1Kg Coffee Beans Luxury is a blend of the best Arabica grains (100%) straight from one of the best roasters in northern Italy. It is designed for preparation in automatic machines.

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Tazza Espresso Buongiorno

Tazza Espresso Buongiorno 40 Ml

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Tazza Cappuccio Blucaffe

Tazza Cappuccio Blucaffe 120 Ml

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Espresso Cup Silver Decoration

Espresso Cup Silver Decoration 40 Ml

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Large Tray Round Double Face

Large Tray Round Double Face

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Lucaffe Classic Napkin Dispenser

Lucaffe Classic Napkin Dispenser

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Tazza Cappuccio Classic

Tazza Cappuccio Classic 120 Ml

160 QR
Tazza Cappuccio Institutional

Tazza Cappuccio Institutional 120 Ml

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Tazza Espresson Blucaffe New

Tazza Espresson Blucaffe New 40 Ml

150 QR
Paper Cup 4 Oz

Paper Cup 4 Oz With 25 Pcs Color as per the choice. white red blue

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Ospite Pods

Dispenser Ospite 15 Pods 44 Mm

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Blucaffe Pods

Dispenser Blucaffe 15 Pods 44 Mm

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Nocciola Pods

Dispenser Nocciola 15 Pods 44 Mm

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Mamma Lucia Pods

Dispenser Mamma Lucia 15 Pods 44 Mm

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Classic Pods

Dispenser Classic 15 Pods 44 Mm

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