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Welcome to Yansoon, your culinary companion in Qatar. Explore our diverse array of premium spices, rich butter, aromatic coffee, and delectable pickles, all available at your fingertips through our online delivery service with Snoonu. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a passionate home cook, we have the ingredients to elevate your dishes. Savor the flavors of excellence with Yansoon and transform your cooking experience.

Best Selling


Biryani Spices 450 grams

Special spices to make all kinds of biryani recipe (meat - chicken - fish)

40 QR
Sea Salt (Fine) 450 g

Natural sea salt (fine)

50 QR
Hill 450 grams

Hill for all uses

60 QR
Sea Salt (Coarse) 450 g

Natural sea salt (coarse)

30 QR
Curry Spices 450 grams

Special spices to make healthy and delicious curry recipes

45 QR
Turmeric First Grade 450 grams

Grounded luxurious turmeric for all uses

35 QR
Onion Powder 450 g

Crushed onion powder for all uses

45 QR
Mixed Spices 450 grams

Mixed spices for all kinds of uses, recipes (chicken - meat - fish)

40 QR
Cinnamon 450 grams

Cinnamon (darsyn) ground for all uses

35 QR
Soup Spices 450 g

Special spices for all recipes of delicious healthy soups, a healthy alternative to ready-made soups with artificial flavors.

40 QR
Stomach Spices 450 grams

Mild spices, especially for stomach patients, or those suffering from sensitive stomachs, for all uses

45 QR
Special Chicken Spices 450 grams

Chicken seasoning (all chicken recipes)

45 QR
Black Lemon 450 grams

Ground black lemon, for all uses

35 QR
Duqus Mama Aisha 450 g

A distinctive duqus with a temperature of 10/7 to put in eggs, rice and other foods as desired to add a distinct spicy flavor

40 QR
Pizza Spices 450 grams

Special spices for making a variety of pizza dough with a delicious Italian flavor

50 QR
Mexican Tacos Spices 450 grams

Spices for making Mexican tacos and various Mexican recipes

45 QR
Cumin 450 grams

Ground cumin for all uses

35 QR
Cajun Spices 450 grams

Indian spices mixed for greasing chicken when grilling in the oven or on charcoal, and for seasoning shrimp and potatoes. Cajun spice mixture gives a delicious taste and a beautiful red color

50 QR
Majboos Spices 450 g

Spices to make delicious Qatari Majboos (meat - chicken - fish)

40 QR