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Discover the unique world of gifts with Jawaher Gifts. Try our exceptional shopping experience and elevate your gift-giving game. Explore a curated selection of distinctive presents that leave a lasting impression. Choose Jawaher Gifts for a memorable journey into the art of thoughtful giving.

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Creative Planning Box

about 1- A notebook for writing priorities 2- Notebook for writing notes 3- A notebook for writing daily tasks 4- Agenda for writing goals and plans 5- Gift bag and card

200 QR
Daily Task Notebook

It is a notebook, bag, pen and card

50 QR
Achievement notebook

1- Bag size 18x9x5 2- Notebook for writing achievements 3- A gift card 4- pen

50 QR
Achievements Box

A5 Size Notebook 50 Sheets With An Achievement Notebook, A Bag, A Pen And A Writing Card

150 QR
Weekly Task Book

A4 Size Notebook 50 Sheets With Wrapping, Writing Card, Pen And Bag

125 QR
Ambitions Box

It is a magnetic board for writing weekly tasks / giving piggy bank / notebook for writing goals / positive phrase candle

280 QR
Goals Box without flower

Achievements and goals notebook, pen and card

85 QR