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Welcome to Sanfoor Toys, your ultimate destination for all things fun and playful. As one of Qatar's leading toy stores, we pride ourselves on offering a unique selection of toys that will ignite your child's imagination and bring smiles to their faces. At Sanfoor Toys, we understand that every child is different, which is why we curate our collection to cater to a wide range of interests and ages.

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Fortnite Water Weapon

Fortnite version of the water gun Holds up to a liter of water Easy to fill Open the cap and fill the tank, then pump the handle back and forth to douse your targets with waves of water

153 QR
Zombie Quadrot

Tactical zombie blaster and 4 drafts recommended for ages 6+

179 QR
Task Operations Group

This set includes 4 blasters: 2 SD-1 Alpha Stinger blasters, an RC-6 Cobra blaster and a Tiger DB-2 blaster. Also includes half of two targets that can be attached to a single target and 25 shooting darts.

249 QR
Connect 4 Blast

It is an exciting and active game in which players strategically shoot colored discs with blasters

219 QR
Spider-man Web Launcher

ALL-NEW SPIDER-MAN TOY Kids are ready to launch webs like Spider-Man. Hold can of web fluid or can transform into water. Imagine role-playing Spider-Man inspired by the Marvel movies.

349 QR
Dwights Crossbow

It contains a bow, two storerooms, and 100 arrows. A maximum range of 22 meters is recommended for ages 6 and over

249 QR
Fang Qs4

Includes fang, 4 half targets and 8 darts Easy to load, prime and shoot Ages 8+

120 QR
Agitator Launcher

This launcher is 3 feet long and will hit your target from 100 feet away. Comes with a detachable barrel. Includes flip-up clip, detachable barrel/scope and 20 long-distance darts. For age 6+

239 QR
Ironman Blaster

Ironman Blaster with 3 drafts Kids can imagine the action power alongside their favorite superheroes

269 QR
DB Double Pistol

DB double blaster with 12 darts

169 QR
Tiger DB Double Set

Set includes 2 db shooters, 16 foam darts and 4 half targets that can be joined together to form 2 complete targets.

239 QR
Fang Qs 4 Duel

Fang QS-4 18-Piece Dual Targeting Kit which includes 2 blasters, 12 darts and 4 half targets

149 QR
Action Linux Collection

Age appropriate 8 years and over This 30-piece SD blaster set includes 2 Stinger SD-1 blasters, 2 Lynx SD-1 blasters, and 26 darts.

259 QR
Action Tactical Group

33-piece action set that includes 2 SD-1 Stinger blasters, 1 LR-1 Wolf blaster, 1 QS-4 Wolf blaster, 4 sellable half targets, 2 full targets, and 25 darts

269 QR
Cobra Rc Collection

تتضمن المجمعة المكونة من 17 قطعة على قاذف كوب را السداسي بالإضافة الى 4 أنصاف اهداف و 12 سهم رغوي

149 QR
Alpha Stinger Kit Sd-1

The set includes 4 blasters and 8 easy to load and shoot darts

149 QR
Zombie Gun

This nerf zombie blaster with 10 darts is designed with a visible gear mechanism so fighters can watch the gears spin as they fire darts.

99 QR
Blackwidow Blaster

Blackwidow Blaster with 3 drafts Kids can imagine the action power alongside their favorite superheroes

249 QR
London at Dawn Puzzle

Beautiful puzzle contains 1000 pieces for a wonderful picture size 68 x 48 cm.

59 QR