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L.O.L Surprise Birthday Set

"Includes LOL Surprise Banner , Party Hat , 1 Plastic Table Cover 10pcs Spoon , 10pcs Fork, 10pcs plastic knife, 10pcs Small Paper Plate , 10pcs Cup w/ 10pcs Drinking Straw."

229 QR

Fortnite Birthday set

Includes 8 Pcs. Paper Plate, 8 Pcs. Small Popcorn Box, 8 Pcs. Paper Cups and 1 Fortnite Banner

149 QR

Dinosaurs Birthday set

Includes 8 Pcs. Paper Plates, 16 Pcs. 2 Ply Napkins, and Happy Birthday Letter Banner (2.50 Meter)

149 QR

Mini Mouse Birthday set

Includes 10 Pcs. Medium Paper plate, 10 Pcs. Small Paper plates, 10 Pcs Fork , 10 Pcs Spoon and Tissue.

179 QR

Gool w Faiel S2

179 QR

Okbos game

69 QR

Al Falta

A challenging game where two players race using sharp eyes and fast hands. Players try to quickly match the colors, numbers or shapes on the cards. The fastest is the winner.

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Sequence Arabic

An Exciting Game of Strategy. Play a card from your hand, place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board. when you have live in a row, it's a Sequence. Learn to block your opponents - remove their chips. Watch out for the Jacks - they're wild. With a little strategy and a little luck, you're a winner.

179 QR

Gool Bs La Tgool 3

The enthusiastic game for family and friends gatherings. The requested word (on top of the card) is explained without saying which word is in the white rectangle. Speed is required in this game. To win, you need to explain more cards in just one minute.

99 QR

Scrabble Game

The ideal game in the competition of minds to derive the vocabulary of the language.Every letter has a value and every word counts.

99 QR

Inta Maalem

Contents of the game 170 challenge cards, game dice, hourglass, try to repeat the words of energy in the dialect chosen by the dice less than a minute

179 QR

Risk Black

The exciting game. Unpredictable. Victory your way to domination, one territory in one time.

99 QR

Insan Hayawan kozapalat

It contains question cards, point books, pencils, an hourglass and dice.

99 QR

Bedoon Kalam

It contains playing cards, pencils, capture books and an hourglass.

99 QR

Gool Al Suj

It contains 159 Gool Al Suj cards, two pens, a spinner luck, an instruction book and a how to play.

169 QR


TBI cards game for friends and family. You play on teams, at least two teams, and each team consists of two people.

49 QR


The most enthusiastic and enjoyable game for gatherings of family and friends. It is considered one of the entertaining games that brings everyone together for laughter.

99 QR

Adalat Almok

A game based on memory, and with each new card you have to remember the previous ones in order, and the easiest way to win is by composing stories from the contents of your cards so that they are easy to remember. It does not matter the plot of the story or its strangeness or even its style, and this in itself makes you familiarize yourself with your amazing stories and hear from your friends .The strangest combinations.

69 QR

Roht Feha

A challenging strategy game based on skills and effective thinking in solving problems and getting out of trouble

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