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Best Selling

8 QR

Red Chilli

15 QR

Butter Naan

55 QR

Butter Chicken

50 QR

Chicken Kothu roti

65 QR

Chicken Biryani


Spiced Tamarind Baby Potatoes

Baby potatoes tossed in red chili and tamarind sauce

39 QR

Lamb Cutlet

Golden savoury treat. Loaded with pistachio and spiced minced lamb. Fantastically crispy from outside and a mouthwatering tasty interior.

50 QR


32 QR

Chicken Paratha Tacos

Saffron paratha stuffed with seasoned chicken keema

45 QR

Brocoli Tandoori

Florets of broccoli marinated with hung curd and chef’s spices

38 QR

Baked Stuffed Mushroom

Button mushrooms stuffed with veggies and cream, baked to perfection

48 QR

Roasted Duck (New)

Roasted duck with spice and served on bed of vegetable pilaf rice.

125 QR

Spinach Chicken Tikka

Chicken kebab marinated with Sri Lankan spices & spinach 

65 QR

Nourlaya Mix Platter

Creamy Spinach Chicken tikka, Saffron Chicken kofta, Boti kebab & Mint Lamb Kofta cooked to perfection in tandoor & served along with raita

175 QR

Chicken Tikka

Tender chicken kebab, Our exclusive tikka style

55 QR

Smoked Red Prawns

Tandoori tiger prawns spiced with carom seed, tandoori marination and cooked in charcoal grill

125 QR

Smoked Chicken Kebab

Boneless chicken marinated in Yoghurt, and cream. Melts in your mouth and taste delicious

65 QR

Lamb tikka

Intensely marinated mutton pieces packed with flavorful spices.

85 QR

Gilafi Kebab

Lamb Seekh Kebab are gilaf or covered by chopped Bell pepper and capsicum and then cooked in an Oval clay Tandoor

75 QR

Tandoori Lamb Chops

Tender Lamb Chops crusted with coriander butter crust

110 QR

Chicken Kothu roti

Chicken kothu is combination of bread, chicken, curry and vegetable. Avery popular street dish of Srilanka cuisine

50 QR

Lamb kothu roti

It’s a mix of shredded roti, meat, curry and vegetables. A Famous local dish of Srilanka.

60 QR

Vegetable Biryani

Aromatic basmati rice prepared with rich vegetables, nuts and saffron cream

45 QR

Saffron Rice

Saffron-scented rice cooked with butter

30 QR

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