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Meat Shawarma Plate Special

Pcs. of meat shawarma serve with fries,garlic,saj bread and pickles

28.5 QR

Large Beef Shawarma (Special)

15.75 QR

Large Mix Shawarma (Special)

15 QR

Large Chicken Shawarma (Special)

14.25 QR

Arabic Beef Shawarma(Special)

27 QR

Chicken Shawerma Sandwich Med.(Special)

10.5 QR

Meat Shawerma Sandwich Medium(Special)

12 QR

Mix Shawerma Sandwich Medium (Special)

11.25 QR

Shawarma Chicken With Bukhari Rice(Special)

27.75 QR

Chicken Shawarma Medium 5 Pieces

35.25 QR

Chicken Shawarma 10 Pieces

97.5 QR

Chicken Shawarma 15 Pieces

105 QR

Large Mix Fatair Plate

12 pieces

63.75 QR

Large Chicken Shawarma Plate For 3 Persons

Served with French fries and salad

59.25 QR

Meat Shawarma With Bukhari Rice(Special)

30 QR

Arabic Chicken Shawerma (special)

24.75 QR

Chicken Shawerma Plate (Special)

26.25 QR

Meat Shawerma Plate(Special)

28.5 QR

Falafel Sandwich large Special

Falafel with salad,tahina,pickles saj bread

9 QR

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