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Best Selling

19 QR

Shrimp Dynamite

79 QR

My Top Five Classic Boat

69 QR

Doha Boat

69 QR

Di Mare Noodles


Di Mare Fried Rice

We serve you only the freshest range of Seafood with your choice of noodles

51.75 QR

Dynamite Salmon Boat

4pcs Salmon Sushi, 4pcs Spicy Crispy Salmon, 4pcs Crab Sauce with shrimp dynamite on the side

66.75 QR

Majless Boat

6pcs bali rolls, 4pcs houston rolls, 4pcs mehico, 4pcs chicago roll, 4pcs rio roll, 4pcs atlanta roll, 6pcs rainbow jumbo rolls, 150g crab, 10pcs edamame, mix tempura

149.25 QR

Tenderloin Steak Asian

Fresh and juicy Tenderloin Steak with your choice of noodles

51.75 QR

Happy Box

12 pieces of Classic Maki and 3 pieces of Mix Sushi

51.75 QR

Maison Spring Rolls

4pcs per order. Mixed spring rolls

7.5 QR

Berlin 3 pieces

Cooked salmon with green apple

17.25 QR

Bali Jumbo Shrimp 6 pieces

Fried shrimp and tofu

36.75 QR

Montreal 6 Pieces

Raw salmon, crunchy and spicy sauce

33 QR

Doha Boat

4pcs of shrimp tempura maki, 4pcs torched salmon sushi, 1pc unagi sushi, 4pcs crunchy cooked salmon maki & crab salad

69 QR

My Top Five Classic Boat

Choice of 5 Maki, 20 Pieces

79 QR

Salmon Dream Mini Boat

3 piece salmon sashimi, 6 pieces salmon avocado roll, 1 golden crown, 1 spicy black salmon, 1 salmon sushi with crab salad & edamame

65 QR

Titanic Boat

8 pieces shrimp tempura, 8 pieces california rolls, 8 pieces crab maki, 8 pieces crab roll with sauce, 4 pieces spicy crispy salmon, 4 pieces spicy crispy tuna, 4 pieces salmon avocado, 8 pieces salmon maki, 8 pieces cooked salmon

199 QR

Salmon Boat

10 slices of salmon sashimi, 12 pcs of maki rolls, 6pcs sushi 2 crazy black with crab salad and portion of edamame

109 QR

Fresh Caviar Salad

100g- freshly cut vegetables with dressing and caviar

20 QR

Wakame salad

60 g of seaweed salad topped with sesame seeds

18 QR

Seafood Caesar Salad

30g of seafood, 20g of vegetables

29 QR

Shrimp Dynamite

Shrimp, beetroot & sauce

19 QR

Miso Soup

100ml Japanese miso soup with flavors of broth, softened tofu and miso paste.

15 QR

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