Bloomex Flower

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Best Selling

198 QR

Celebration time 2

144 QR

Called Luxury

108 QR

The Gypsophila Bouquet

315 QR

Lavendar long Blooms

432 QR

Luxury Art

630 QR

The flower of love


Always Flowers

Mix Flower Rose Holland 35 Stem With Acrylic For Eid

410 QR

Bella Fluer

20 Rose Yellow And Red Rose With Lemoniume White

280 QR

Beurre Caste

Mix Rose 10 And Baby Rose 4 With A Gerbera Pink 2

250 QR

Boom Buzz

Pink Rose 15 Stem With A Acrylic For Eid

185 QR

Box Flower

Red And White Rose With A Steel Grass Flower Box

100 QR

Cool Blue

Baby Rose Mix 5 Stem With A Lemoniume

65 QR

Curly Crew Flowers

Pink Flower Mix With Hydrangea & White Rose

220 QR

Cutesy Arrange

Gypso With Red Rose 10 Stem And Clear Vase

250 QR

Dazzle Berry

White Rose 25 Stem With A Vase

330 QR

Eid Bouquets

White Rose 15 Stem With A Gypso

190 QR

Elevva Flowers

Mix Flower Pink Rose 25 Stem With Other Flower And Hydrangea

320 QR

Elysium Rose

Red Rose 15 Rose With Baby Rose And Eid Acrylic

220 QR


White Baby Rose 30 Stem

380 QR


Pink Baby Rose 25 Stem With A Pink Tulip

320 QR

Evelyn Red

Red Rose 15 Stem With A Solidago Yellow

200 QR

Floral Tulip

10 Tulip With A Baby Rose White With Gypso

320 QR

Floral White

White Rose Baby Rose With A Orchids

180 QR

For Eid Day

Pink Rose And Deep Purple 15 Stem With A Acrylic

190 QR

Happy Earth

Mix Rose 20 Stem With A Tulip And Gerbera And Vase

420 QR

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