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Gift Elteeb Box Big


Gift Elteeb Box Big

The contents of the large box Sheikh perfume (oud center) 30 ml. Naseem perfume (powder concentrate) 30 ml. Perfume Al-shumookh (woody concentrate) 30 ml. Perfume Al-samoud (oud and citrus concentrate) 30 ml. A natural long-life rose arranged with a glass vase. Incense fakham oud freshener toltene maamoul sapphire luxury three tolls qos spray for bedspreads, clothes, and air 100 ml. (smells of jasmine, saffron, ambergris and cedar wood). A strange spray for bedding, clothes and the air, 100 ml. (smell of damask rose with grapefruit, oakmoss sticks and musk) and Gift card.

750 QR

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