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90 QR

Abq 1

325 QR

Cambodia Oil oud Sweety


Qauqa Vietnamese

150 QR

Oud Square box

A box made of natural wood and Shells for oud

220 QR

Oud pieces - Vitnamie

For personal use and for Mjles and offices

65 QR

Sioufi Oud ( VVIP ) Vietnamese

For personal and guest use (large size)

330 QR

Zwiya Oud Vietname (VVIP)

250 QR

Mori Oud

For personal and guest use (small pieces)

250 QR

Sioufi Oud

For personal and guest use (small pieces)

260 QR

Round box with the scent of Cambodian oud

90 QR

Incense Cambodia Rectangular

80 QR

Mkhlat Syufi


120 QR

Lausi Baqsiya

Lausi baqsiya quarter tolah

240 QR

Coconagh Combodia

Coconagh combodia quarter tolah

240 QR

Brasheen Bukhuri

Brasheen bukhuri quarter tola

280 QR

Thuradh Hathb

Thuradh hathb a quarter tolah

240 QR

Cambodia Oilo oud Old (Kalakas)

950 QR

Cambodia Oil oud Sweety

325 QR

Alnad Oud sticks in circular box

60 QR

Alnad Oud Sticks In Rectangular Box

30 QR

Abq 1

Spray for dress & furniture & abayas (300 gm )

90 QR

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