Yasmine Palace

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Best Selling

42 QR

Yasmine Palace Fattoush

195 QR

Grilled Tiger Shrimps


Kabab Barg

Lamb tenderloin with white onion, saffron, paprika, served with white rice and pomegranate seeds

150 QR

Mix Bbq Boshgab Makhsos

2 lamb chops,1 jooje masti kabab,1 jooje kabab, 1 kabab koobide,1 kabab barg, served with rice

390 QR

Mast- O Khiar

Whipped yoghurt with cucumber, roasted wallnuts,raisins, summak, sundried mint

40 QR

Salad Shirazi

Diced tomato with cucumber and red onion, lemon juice, olive oil

55 QR

Kashk O Mademjan

Mashed grilled eggplant with Iranian dried yoghurt, red onion, garlic, turmeric

50 QR

Hummus With Meat Shawarma

50 QR

Grilled Halloumi

47 QR

Grilled Meat Kibbeh (2 Pieces)

75 QR

Fried Meat Kibbeh (4 Pieces)

50 QR

Grilled Chicken Wings

45 QR

Chicken Wings With Garlic & Lemon

45 QR

Dynamite Shrimps With Rice

77 QR

Meat Sausage With Pomegranate Molasses

45 QR

Meat Sausage With Garlic & Lemon

45 QR

Chicken Musakhan Roll (4 Pieces)

42 QR

Hummus With Meat

50 QR

Cheese Burak (4 Pieces)

39 QR

Meat Burak (4 Pieces)

42 QR

Yasmine Palace Falafel 6 Pieces

With Tahini Sauce, Fresh Vegetable And Pickles

55 QR

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