La Boca

Delivery time

14 - 19 Min



Working hours

OpenUntil 12:00 AM



Best Selling

35 QR

Meli Melo Manzanas

40 QR

Chicken & Ham Sandwich


Grilled Cheese

20 QR

Classic Frittata

25 QR

3 Fresh Eggs Made Your Way

15 QR

Chicken Liver

Chicken Liver Marinated With Pomegranate Molasses

35 QR

Argentinian Mix Empanadas

Empanadas Dough, 2 Pieces Of Cheese, 2 Pieces Of Meat, 2 Pieces Of Chicken

40 QR

Breaded Chicken Tenders

Chicken Finger Breast Covered With Crumbs Nachos Served Fried With Sauce Cocktail

25 QR

Milanesitas De Mozarella

Mozarella Cheese Covered With Crumbs Nachos Served Fried

30 QR

Halloum Osmeliyeh

Cubes Of Halloum Cheese With Osmaliyeh Served Fried

25 QR

Melted Bbq Fries

French Fries Covered With Mushroom Bbq Sauce And Melted Cheese

25 QR

Bola De Queso

Cheese Balls 3 Kinds Of Cheese Mixed With Semolina Covered With Crumbs Bread Served Fried, And Pesto

35 QR

Boca Junior

Semolina Mixed With Milk, 3 Kinds Cheese, Sundried Tomato, Olives, Covered With Crumbs Bread Served Fried

30 QR

Meat Balls

Argentinean Beef Meat Minced Mixed With Peppers Served With Mushroom Bbq Sauce

25 QR


Empanadas Dough Filled With Argentinean Beef Meat & Mix Vegetables Served Fried 2Pcs With Sauce Cocktail

18 QR

French Fries

13 QR


Tortilla Chips, Jalapeño Pepper, Melted Cheese, Minced Tomato & Onion

25 QR

Garbanzos With Tomato Puree

Chickpeas, Pasted With Tomato Paste, Red Pepper Paste, Avocado Paste

18 QR

Berenjena En Escabeche

Eggplant Grilled, Red Pepper, Oregano, Bay Leaves White Vinegar

20 QR

Trio Bruschetta

Three Slices Bread Topped With Savory Meat, Garlic And Cheese, Pesto Tomato

25 QR

Crab Salad

Crab, Iceberg, Mushroom, Boiled Carrot, Sweets Corn, Sauce Cocktail Dressing

40 QR

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