Jamaica Cocktail

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Best Selling

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Tabakat Shake


Romantic Juice

Strawberry, Mango, And Ice Cream With Pistachio

10 QR

Jamaica Juice

Fruit Salad With Strawberry Juice, Mango Juice, And Avocado Juice. With Ice Cream, Nuts, And Honey Topping.

10 QR

Cofarawla Juice

Strawberry And Coconut.

9 QR

Super Power Juice

Banana Slices, Avocado Juice, Pistachio, Cashew, And Honey.

15 QR

Fruit Salad With Chocolate And Nuts

25 QR

Healthy Juice

Carrot, Beetroot And Apple.

10 QR

Immune Juice

Ginger, Orange And Lemon.

10 QR

Energy Juice

Banana, Milk, Pistachio And Honey.

12 QR

Soft Drink

Pineapple, Orange And Strawberry.

9 QR

Diet Cocktail

Mixed Fruit Cocktail Without Added Sugar.

10 QR

Mango Juice With Slices

12 QR

Cocado Juice

Avocado And Coconut.

10 QR

Comango Juice

Mango And Coconut.

10 QR

Fakhfakhina Juice

Avocado Shake, Mango Shake, Ice Cream, Nuts And Honey.

10 QR

Tabakat Juice

Avocado, Mango And Strawberry.

8 QR

5 Star Juice

Fruits, Nuts And Chocolate.

15 QR

Tabakat Shake

Avocado, Mango, Strawberry And Ice Cream.

10 QR

Dates Shake

Dates, Banana And Milk.

10 QR

Banana Milk

7 QR

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