Botamba Traditional Kitchen

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36 - 41 Min



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OpenUntil 11:30 PM



Best Selling

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35 QR

Chicken And Spinach Samboosa

30 QR

Waraq Eanab


Olive Salad With Grilled Haloumi

Black and Green Olive Salad with grilled Haloumi cubes.

30 QR

Potato Eggplant Salad

A special salad made of fresh eggplant and potato cubes.

25 QR

Potato Meatball

Potato meatball with botamba spices

35 QR

Indian Samboosa With Cheese

Indian Potato Samboosa with cheese.

30 QR

Potato Cheese Ball

Crunchy from outside, gooey and cheesy from inside

30 QR


50 QR

Botamba Fried Box

A must have especially on gatherings.

170 QR

Botamba Mini Pizza

Botamba with a twist of italian cuisine.

75 QR

Yoghurt With Cucumber

A mixture of yoghurt and fresh cucumber is prepared with its flavor.

15 QR

Rocca Salad

Botamba special salad

35 QR

Yogurt With Onions

Yogurt With Onions

10 QR

Meat Samboosa

Samboosa made with meat and melted cheese… did you feel the taste?

40 QR

Feta Cheese Samboosa

Delicious feta cheese samosa.

25 QR

Cheese Samboosa

Crispy and delicious cheese samosa eat and enjoy the sound.

25 QR

Waraq Eanab

Grape leaves sour and sweet.

30 QR

Fattoush Salad

Fresh and light fattoush salad sprinkled with pomegranate seeds from botamba hand.

25 QR

Lamb Shank Majkouzi

Lamb shank meat with saffron sauce by botamba

85 QR

Machboos Botamba Signature

Machboos botamba signature with secret spices.

75 QR


45 QR

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