Shawarma Shaheen

Delivery time

30-35 Min


3.99 km

Working hours

ClosedUntil 12:00 PM



Best Selling

30 QR

Hummus Beef Shawarma

18 QR

Beef Shawarma Sandwich

26 QR

Beef Shawarma Meal

22 QR

Chicken Crispy Meal

21 QR

Beef Shawarma Bowl with Rice


Family Offer 2

Big chicken shawarma plate, big rice, big French fried, yogurt big, 2 pepsi

66 QR

Family Offer 1

chicken crispy strip, large fries, hummus, mayo salad, 1 liter pepsi

65.25 QR

Chicken Shawarma Bowl with Rice

with rice and pickle

17.5 QR

Beef Shawarma Bowl with Rice

With rice, tahini, pickles and salad

21 QR

Chicken Shawarma Bowl With Chips

Mix Of Chicken Shawarma With Salad, Chips, And Sauce

17.5 QR

Beef Shawarma Bowl With Chips

21 QR

Chicken Shawarma Salad

17.5 QR

Beef Shawarma Salad

21 QR

Fata Chicken Shawarma

Chicken shawerma with hummus and crispy bread, salad and tahini sauce with yoghurt and pine

17.5 QR

Fata Beef Shawarma

Mix Of Beef Shawarma With Hummus And Crispy Fried Bread, Salad, Tahini & Yogurt Sauce, Pine Nuts

21 QR

Big Majls Shaheen Box

30 mini mix shawarma with fries and pickles

83.5 QR

Majls Shaheen Box

mini 18 mix shawarma with fries and pickles and sauces

59.5 QR

Hummus Shaheen

12 QR


8 QR

Mutable Shaheen

12 QR

Hummus Beetroot

15 QR


8 QR

Crispy Chicken Strips

18 QR

Hummus Beef Shawarma

300 G Hummus, 100G Beef

30 QR

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